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How to find the product you want.

On the Home Page we have a number of ways to assist you find the products you are enquiring about.

Firstly we have a link to a page where the products are listed alphabetically ‘Alphabetical Product Listing’. This is by product type or their generic name. Finding the product of interest in the alphabetically listing gives you a link to the page with that product’s description and details, as well as links to similar and related products. This alphabetical product list is also available on the product page, just click ‘Search Alphabetical Product List’.

Home Page Help for Alphabetical Product List

After following the link to the Alphabetical Product Listings page you will see the left side menu with the letters of the alphabet; click on the letter for the tpye of product you are interested in. You will see the alphabetical listings on the main part of the page; by moving the mouse over the listings you will see images of the product listed. Clicking on the listing takes you to the product page.

Alphabetical Product Listings page

Secondly we have a number of specialist areas where you can find products related to areas of health care, such as ‘Operating Theatres’ or ‘Steigelmeyer Care Beds’. These areas are divided over two links on the home page ‘Specialist Hospital Areas’ and ‘Acute, Aged, Home Care Areas’. The other specialist areas are products for the mining industry, then ‘Service & Parts’ gives detail of contacts for service and repairs and also gives details of our service agreements, and lastly, user and operation manuals for the products.

Home Page Help for Specialist Product Areas

The first two links, ‘Specialist Hospital Areas’ and ‘Acute, Aged, Home Care Areas’ have products grouped into specialist areas. Clicking the red buttons takes you to the products in that group.

Specialist Product Areas page

Thirdly there is the menu bar at the top of the page which drops down with sub-menus to take you directly to product information page. This menu bar is available on all product pages. While this menu bar at the top of the page is a comprehensive menu system, you still may not find the product you are looking for so we would suggest you then use the ‘Alphabetical Product Listing’ which is a complete listing of products. This ‘Alphabetical Product Listing’ is also available on product pages.

Home Page Help for the drop down menu

Expanding the drop down menu and moving through the sub–menus takes you to a product link and moving the mouse over a product link in the menu will show a product image to assist you with your selection. Click on the product link to go to the product page.

Home Page Help for the drop down menu

On the product pages, as well as the drop down menu at the top, you will see a menu system on the left. This is an accordion style menu; clicking on the blue field will expand the menu showing the items under that field; clicking the blue field again will collapse the menu. The items in this left side menu are related to the item on the page you are viewing.

Home Page Help for the left side menu

Home Page Help for the left side menu

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  2. We continue to develop the Evocare® website, always endeavouring to find better ways to present our products and information on their use to you.

  3. If you find any difficulty navagiating the Evocare® website, we would appreciate your feedback.

  4. Note, the Evocare® website performs best when using the latest versions of a browser.

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