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Etac SlingOn

Solution for insertion of hoist sling without rolling

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Etac SlingOn

SlingOn, showing top & bottom sheet

Etac SlingOn

Partly folded SlingOn

Etac SlingOn

  • SlingOn is primarily designed for easy insertion of a hoist sling in bed without the need for rolling or moving the user.
  • SlingOn consists of two separate MultiGlide ultra low friction nylon slide sheets held together by snap buttons in the corners and handles along the sides.
  • SlingOn is an optimal tool for users that needs frequent hoisting, heavy users, or users that may not be rolled for application of a sling.
  • Can also be used as a MultiGlide slide sheet for all positioning in bed.
  • Note: The user is always lifted in the hoist sling, never in the SlingOn! Always remove the top part of the SlingOn before hoisting!
  • Safe Working Load: 300kg
  • Warranty 5 years

SlingOn is put in place under the user using a simple folding technique, whether for application of sling or for positioning. The hoist sling is then inserted between the two layers of SlingOn. The ultra low friction facilitates sliding the sling in place underneath the user, and adjustment if necessary. When the lifting sling is in place, remove the top part of SlingOn.

Etac SlingOn
Unfolding SlingOn under patient

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Etac SlingOn
Removing top SlingOn sheet

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Etac SlingOn
Sliding lifting sling between SlingOn sheets

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Product Code Description Length (mm) Width (mm)
IM437⁄S (available now) SlingOn, nylon (2 sheets) 1700 800
Specifications: SlingOn
Material Nylon
Washing Instructions Can be wiped with disinfectant
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

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