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Seca 101 EMR Flash

Free software to connect seca 360° wireless products to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

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Seca 101 EMR Flash

Seca 101 EMR Flash

Seca 101 EMR Flash

Seca 101 EMR Flash

Seca 101 EMR Flash

One step ahead of the future:
     Direct EMR integration from seca.

EMR integration is the future of medical technology.

Increase efficiency, save time and prevent manual entry errors with seca 360° wireless products, which transmit your measurements directly into any EMR system. This is the future of medical technology. Wireless products free you to concentrate on what's really important – the well–being of your patients. More and more countries are making electronic capture of measurements mandatory in health care.

Simple, efficient and free.

Without any additional expense, medical science can take a giant step forward. Our contribution is a free download of the intuitive software seca emr flash 101, which transmits your measurements directly to your EMR system. In a matter of seconds, the software assigns a patient’s measurements to the correct patient ID. The program’s Auto–Send function offers the additional advantage of transmitting the results directly into any EMR system.

It’s so easy:

The software seca emr flash 101 is available to you, free of charge, and can be downloaded at seca.com:

  1. Register online
  2. You will immediately receive an email containing a link to the login area.
  3. Here you can quickly and easily download seca emr flash 101 (to receive wireless data, you will need the USB adapter seca 456).
  4. Finally, choose the API (Application Programming Interface) or one of the modules.

Detailed information about the software and the API or the modules is in the white papers and manuals on the download page.

Two downloads to the goal

You have two choices for integration in your EMR system, which you can download at no charge from seca.com:

  1. A program interface known as an API (Application Programming Interface) lets you develop a customized module for your specific EMR system with some simple programming steps.
  2. seca has already developed software modules for some EMR systems (e.g. HL7, GDT) in which 80% of the programming steps have been executed. You can carry out the integration in your hospital or medical practice with the assistance of an EMR system provider or IT department.

System requirements

  • Operating systems:
    • Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Server 2003 (SP1) and 2008 (SP2)
    • Ports: For use in combination with seca medical devices USB port (2.0) or serial interface (RS232)
  • System compatible with all products in the seca 360° wireless system

email Click here to enquire about the Seca 101 EMR Flash.

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