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Elvido Vervo Care Bed Spare Parts

Stiegelmeyer’s high level of comfort and sophistication.

Spare Parts for Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo 4 Section Electric Care Bed

Electronic Components
Elvido Vervo Motor 169840
Motor LA 27-200 ⁄ back rest 169840
Elvido Vervo Motor 169839
Motor LA 27-70 ⁄ thigh rest 169839
Elvido Vervo Motor 209732
Motor LA 27-215 ⁄ height adjustment 209732
Elvido Vervo Motor cable 159602
Motor cable ⁄ straight 200 159602
Elvido Vervo Control box 209753
Control box 209753
Elvido Vervo Switch mode power supply 209738
Switch mode power supply 209738
Elvido Vervo Hand control 205289
Hand control 205289
Elvido Vervo Key chip holder 187961
Key chip holder 187961
Plastic insert for backrest ⁄ fix gr4 177117
Plastic insert for middle part ⁄ fix gr4 177119
Plastic insert for upper leg rest ⁄ fix gr4 177140
Plastic insert for lower leg rest / fix gr4 177153

Castors and Brakes
Elvido Vervo Castor Steinco 178332
Castor Steinco 178332
Elvido Vervo Brake lever right side 187383
Brake lever right side 187383
Elvido Vervo Brake lever left side 187382
Brake lever left side 187382

Other components
Key for handset 168380
Mattress holder ⁄ plastic gr6 187123
Elvido Vervo Ratchet 704070
Ratchet 5R 1.70.350.00.65 thick-passiv. 704070
Guidance ⁄ Finger assembly for Elvido bed incl. spacer 179084

Wooden Components
Head ⁄ foot board panels
ALERO head and ⁄ or foot board 188835
Side rail bars
Mobivit post 246188

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