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Elvido Vervo Nursing Home Care Bed

Stiegelmeyer’s stylish bed with Exceptional Height Range.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo 4 Section Electric Bed

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Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo Bed

Elvido Vervo Bed

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo Bed

High Low Split Elvido Vervo Bed

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Key Points of Interest

  • Height adjustment range: approx. 250 — 800mm, giving an adjustment range of 550mm.
  • Easily removable hygiene mattress base in 2 sizes; 90 x 200cm or 100 x 200cm.
  • Linak drive system with 24 Volt power saving technology, live 240 Volt components are outside the bed.
  • Selectively locking handset with locking of individual functions.
  • Adjustable Retracting Back Support and Upper Leg Rest.
  • Sit-up — chair — position.
  • The double 50mm castors with 2 by 2 locking.
  • Attractive forms are available for the headboards and footboards with various wood decors.
  • Clearance gap is sufficient to accommodate standard patient hoists up 130cm wide.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Safe working load: 225kg.

The dream bed that meets every requirement

A low-height bed, which protects against fall injuries even without safety sides, best satisfies this requirement. Equally, it is important to offer a back-friendly bed that provides care staff with an ergonomic height at which they can work. And for residents with a high risk of falling, seamless side protection is an indispensable aid.

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Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo Bed

Low Height Bed

Low-height bed to meet exacting demands

  • Height adjustment range: approx. 25 — 80cm
  • All residents, no matter how tall or short, have secure floor contact when leaving the bed; orientation and balance are heightened thanks to tactile perception by the soles of the feet
  • Care staff can work with a straight back and thus protect their health.
  • OpenBus drive system, a standard feature, allows the use of the optional Out-of-Bed system

Std Remote Control LCD Remote Control IR Remote Control

The standard handset displays all the adjustment positions with simple pictograms. The button rows can be selectively locked.

The optional LCD handset has only 3 buttons, EasyCare and a backlit display. It has 3 control levels: for residents, care staff and technicians. The levels can be unlocked and set with the help of a magnet on the bed.

The optional infrared remote control allows wireless adjustment of the bed. No more cables to stumble over or dust.

  *(optional) *(optional)
Extension no rails Extension rails Extension Leg

If the bed does not have safety sides along the entire length, then the integrated bed extension can be used without any further accessories. The gap in the side panels at the foot end is standard-compliant. It can be closed with filler pieces, if desired.

The optional extension for the lower leg rest moves together with the leg rest when adjustments are made.

The lower leg rest extension can be hooked into place, without needing to use tools. A corresponding mattress piece is available.

*(optional) *(optional) *(optional)
Reading Lamp Reading Lamp Under bed lighting

The Sola radiates a pleasant light and generates very little heat.

The Stella reading lamp is an elegant design alternative.

Under–bed lighting* helps you find your way at night, preventing falls. The light is kept to an unobtrusive level so as not to disturb your residents. The light helps with orientation in critical situations, such as on the way to and from the bathroom at night.

*(optional) *(optional) *(optional)
Lifting Pole Wall Deflection Roller Under bed lighting

The patient lifting pole helps the resident get comfortably positioned in the bed.

The wall deflection roller protects the bed and the walls during horizontal and vertical movements.

The wall spacer protects the bed, walls and furniture from collision damage. They also assist avoiding power sockets when manoeuvring the bed

*(optional) *(optional) *(optional)

Elvido Vervo Bed Specifications
Safe Weight Bearing Capacity: 225kg
Maximum Lift: 250kg
Outer Dimensions: ca. 998 x 2,120mm
(depending on head & foot boards)
Lying Surface: 900 x 2000mm or 1,000 x 2,000mm
(mattress area)
Lying Surface Divisions: approx. 850 ⁄ 150 ⁄ 400 ⁄ 600mm
(back ⁄ seat ⁄ upper leg ⁄ lower leg)
Retracting Backrest: 100mm length compensation of the
back rest means the patient can sit
up in a relaxed position.
Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one side or both
KSG – Combined Side Rail, one side or both
Accessibility (under): approx. 150mm
Total Weight: approx. 140kg
Adjustment Options
Foot down angle: approx. 14°
Mattress base height (standard surface): approx. 250 to 800mm
Height adjustment: approx. 35sec (motorised)
Back rest setting: up to approx. 70°
Upper leg setting: up to approx. 40°
Straight leg upward tilt: up to approx. 10°
Auto contour adjustment ⁄ Fowler position: Tick
Manual CPR release of the backrest: Tick

Elvido Vervo Bed Codes
EV94S1VO Elvido Vervo Care Bed 90 x 200 (Beech)
Optional Accessories
EV94S8IRH Infra Red Handset for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8IRR Infra Red Receiver for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8OBS Open Bus System Package for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8UBL Under Bed Lighting for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8PL Lifting Pole (not including Handle)
EV94S8PLT Handle for Lifting Pole
Pressure Care Mattress Codes
EV9S21 Mid – 200 x 90 x 15cm
EV9S22 Frail – 200 x 90 x 15cm
EV9S23 Maxi – 200 x 90 x 18cm
EV9S31 Mid – 200 x 100 x 15cm
EV9S32 Frail – 200 x 100 x 15cm
EV9S33 Maxi – 200 x 100 x 18cm
ARTG 277175

The KSG Split Side Rail has a central support allowing for greater flexibility.

24V connection

ROLLING in safety.
The convenient 2x2 central brake stops and releases the front and rear castors individually. Four twin castors (50mm x 40mm wide) on ball bearings swivel freely, enabling movement in any direction from standstill – and in any lying surface position.

24-volt system — The safe and economic drive

24V connection 24V Transformer Optional Battery

Our safe 24 Volt DC system* is an innovation that will give you a host of BENEFITS.
A high level of safety, significantly reduced electricity costs and effortless operation: The optional 24-volt system is an attractive choice.

A transformer plug supplies a safety extra-low voltage of 24 volts directly at the power socket. There are therefore no components carrying 240 volts anywhere in the vicinity of the resident, which means that he or she enjoys a higher level of safety.

We have compared the electricity consumption of the 24-volt system with that of a traditional drive in various loading scenarios. In all cases, the 24-volt system was significantly more economical – using up to 93% less electricity. Even if the beds are not adjusted very often using the drive system, this effect is still significant, since it is the lower consumption in stand-by mode that counts.

Even more savings in costs and effort are made due to the significant reduction in leakage current measurements. For a 24-volt system, these only have to be taken once every 10 years instead of every year.

Safety sides – The ideal balance between protection and stability

Operators can ensure right from the start that people in need of care are not prevented from freely leaving and getting back into bed. The head-end safety side is particularly useful in helping mobilise residents. It provides standard-compliant protection while leaving sufficient space for sitting on the edge of the bed. Residents can use the mobilisation support to pull themselves up when leaving the bed and to hold on to when sitting back down. When not required, the support can be easily removed and stored in a holder under the bed.

Side Rails:
   DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one side or both
   KSG – Combined Side Rail, one side or both

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KSG Side Rail
KSG Side Rail

The mobilisation support of the split safety sides also serves as a practical mobilisation aid.

The safety side can be set diagonally as an orientation aid for the resident without restricting his or her mobility or view of the room.

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Arminius Locker, Elvido bed with KSG Rails, LCD hand control, Alero headboard and footboard

Arminius Bedside Locker, Elvido Bed with KSG Side Rails, LCD hand control, Alero headboard and footboard.


Nine different main designs are available for the Elvido Vervo bed series. High–quality Elvido boards feature compelling design and individual curves. The head and foot boards can be combined in any way to requirement.


Modelled on colours and styles you would find at home, we have put together a wide variety of especially hard–wearing design finishes for the varied requirements of different interior home designs. The elements in solid wood have been varnished to match the finishes. Naturally, we would be happy to help you choose the right design.

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Stiegelmeyer decorative panels

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Stiegelmeyer decorative panels

Elvido Vervo Bed Positions
Bed Positions

Elvido Vervo Bed Dimensions
Bed Dimensions

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