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Elvido Forto Bed

Guarantees a high safe working load.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Forto – high safe working load

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Stiegelmeyer Elvido Forto Bed

Elvido Forto Bed split rail down

People in many parts of the world have been becoming taller and heavier for decades now. Care facilities are adjusting to the needs of the new residents. Elvido Forto is a strong partner here. With its safe working load of 260kg, the 100cm wide mattress base and large 125mm castors, it provides comfort and safety for heavier residents.

Key Points of Interest

  • 260 kg safe working load for heavy residents
  • Mattress base width of 100cm and easy-to-handle bed extension for more space and comfort
  • Ergonomically beneficial working height of up to 80cm makes care work easier
  • Large 125mm castors allow easy movement of the bed, even when heavily loaded

Bed extension

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Bed extension
Bed extension rails

The average height of the human body continually increased during the 20th century. Care facilities need to adjust to many extra-tall residents. The Elvido Forto is already meeting this challenge: The Elvido Forto is standardly equipped with a 20cm integrated bed extension. To activate it, only the safety side bars need to be exchanged and extension pieces for the side panels installed. To extend the mattress, Stiegelmeyer offers a suitable mattress extension piece.

The optional telescopic bed extension is even more convenient. The bed frame, safety side bars and panels can be simply extended without needing tools. For the most comfort, an additional extension of the lower leg rest is recommended. This enables the mattress extension piece or a 220cm long mattress to move along with the foot area of the bed when it is being adjusted.

THE HIGH SETTING is ergonomic and gentle on the back.

A bed cannot be high enough for carers; a high bed makes work easier and takes stress off the back, as you avoid bending over to work. Elvido Forto can be raised securely and safely to a stable 81cm patient surface height.

Handset for customised requirements

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Standard Handset

The Elvido Forto beds are easily operated using a handset. The standard handset displays all adjustment positions with intuitively understandable pictograms. Its rows of buttons can be selectively locked.

Mattress base

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Standard base

The Elvido Forto beds come with the hygiene mattress base for greater comfort when reclining. Made of polypropylene, they can be superbly cleaned which contributes to the overall sanitation in a care facility.

Thanks to deep venting slits, the mattress base is also highly breathable and promotes a healthy micro climate in the bed. The standard version has additional slits along the sides of the backrest for belts.


With the many optional accessories, the Elvido Forto can be transformed into a customised bed.

Stiegelmeyer safety mat

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Stiegelmeyer protective covers

Elvido Forto Bed Dimensions and weights
External dimensions (depending on the wooden surround) approx. 1103 x 2110mm
Mattress base (mattress dimensions) 1000 x 2000mm
Mattress base division (BR ⁄ seat section ⁄ TR ⁄ LR): approx. 850 ⁄ 150 ⁄ 400 ⁄ 600mm
Bed extension approx. 200mm
Safe working load 260kg
Backrest length compensation approx. 100mm
Maximum weight of patient 215 — 250kg
Ground clearance approx. 150mm
Total weight approx. 150kg
Tilting to reverse-Trendelenburg position 12°
Mattress base height 370 — 810mm
Backrest angle 70°
Thigh rest angle 40°
Pressure Care Mattress Codes
EV9S31 Mid – 200 x 100 x 15cm
EV9S32 Frail – 200 x 100 x 15cm
EV9S33 Maxi – 200 x 100 x 18cm

DSG Continuous Side Rails

24V connection
24V Transformer Optional Battery
Tramsformer Battery

24-volt system — economical with low voltage

A safety extra-low voltage of 24 volts can be optionally selected for the Elvido Forto bed. Conversion takes place directly in the mains plug transformer at the mains power plug.

That means that there are no live 240-volt components directly on the bed or on the floor, which results in the highest level of safety for the person needing care. It also reduces electric smog beside the bed.

The 24-volt drive system lowers power consumption up to 93% and saves follow-up costs. The optionally available rechargeable battery makes the care bed independent of the mains power supply and allows it to be used in areas without a power point.

Bed Rails

The standard, full-length safety sides (DSG) at a height of 41cm guard against falls on both sides of the bed.

To safeguard the liberty and mobility of people needing care, the Elvido Forto beds can also be equipped with split safety sides (KSG). If just the head portion of the safety sides is adjusted, the residents are reliably protected, but still can leave the bed without obstacles. The centre support of the split safety sides also serves as a practical mobilisation aid for the resident. When not required, it can be simply removed and stored in a holder under the bed. It is also possible to combine the split safety side on one side with a full-length safety side on the other side of the bed. There are two other options for more independent residents: A head-end safety side which leaves the foot end of the bed basically free.

Side Rails:
   DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one side or both
   KSG – Combined Side Rail, one side or both

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Arminius Locker, Elvido bed with KSG Rails, LCD hand control, Lito headboard and Pino footboard

Arminius Locker, Elvido bed with KSG Rails, LCD hand control, Lito headboard and Pino footboard.


Nine different main designs are available for the Elvido Forto bed. High–quality boards feature compelling design and individual curves. The head and foot boards can be combined in any way to requirement.


Modelled on colours and styles you would find at home, we have put together a wide variety of especially hard–wearing design finishes for the varied requirements of different interior home designs. The elements in solid wood have been varnished to match the finishes. Naturally, we would be happy to help you choose the right design.

Stiegelmeyer decorative panels

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Stiegelmeyer decorative panels

Elvido Forto Bed Positions

Bed Positions

Elvido Forto Bed Dimensions

Bed Dimensions

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Elvido Forto Bed Equipment and options
Model features Elvido Forto
Actuators Fully motorised
Fully motorised OpenBus technology
Auto contour adjustment ⁄ Fowler position
Manual CPR release of the backrest
24 volt (external transformer) o
Electronic components Handset (selective locking function)
LCD handset not available
Handset with selective locking function
Selective locking feature
Out-of-Bed system o
Handset for tilting the head end (Trendelenburg) not available
Safety side systems Integrated full-length safety sides
Split safety side — combinable o
Side panel without safety side o
Mattress bases PP Hygiene mattress base
PP hygiene mattress base for belt system o
Mattress base width 100cm (not with all head and foot boards)
Wire mesh mattress base (removable) o
4-section mattress base
Mattress base tiltable to reverse-Trendelenburg position
Mattress base tiltable to Trendelenburg position not available
Castors Cover castor 125mm
Double castors not available
4 central locking castors
2 x 2 locking castors not available
Wall deflection systems Horizontal action o
Horizontal and vertical action o
Wall spacers on chassis o
Miscellaneous Ground clearance for patient lifts
Sleeves at head end
Sleeves at foot end o
Auto contour setting
Bed extension with telescopic safety sides o
Integrated bed extension
Argentum metal finish
Linen holder o
Lifting Pole o
Accessory equipment Under bed light o
Adapter sleeves at foot end o
Integrated bed extension with telescopic safety side bars and side panels o
Linen holder o
Staining of wooden surround o
Infrared remote control o
Integrated light connection o
Integrated battery o
● = Standard   o = Optional

Additional equipment ⁄ options

Electric accessory equipment

  • OpenBus technology
  • 24-volt drive system with external transformer
  • Addition handset for tilting head end
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Under bed light
  • Integrated light connection
  • Integrated battery
  • Out-of-Bed system

Mechanical accessory equipment

  • Integrated bed extension with telescopic safety side bars and side panels
  • Linen holder
  • Staining of wooden surround
  • Wall deflection roller, horizontal action
  • Universal deflection roller, horizontal and vertical action


  • Battery with external battery charger (adapter cable required on bed)
  • Reading lamp, halogen or LED lamp
  • Foam leather cover (for safety sides)
  • Fall protection mats
  • Infusion stand ⁄ holder
  • Clamp-on safety side bar
  • Various cushioning systems
  • Tray
  • Side bar and panel for extension
  • Plastic adapter and mattress piece for bed extension
  • Lower leg rest extension
  • Wall spacers

Mattress base

  • Standard hygiene mattress base (polypropylene)

Safety side systems

  • Integrated full-length safety sides (DSG) on both sides — 2 bars
  • Integrated full-length safety sides (DSG) on both sides — 3 bars
  • Integrated combinable safety sides split on one side — 2 bars
  • Integrated split safety sides on both sides — 2 bars

Elvido Forto safety standards

  • EN 14971 Risk assessment for medical devices
  • EN 60601–1 Medical electrical equipment, general requirements for safety
  • EN 60601–1–1 Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN 60601–2–52 Medical electrical equipment

Elvido Forto standard features

  • 4-column design
  • Mattress base in 4 sections, electrically adjustable
  • Mattress base with anthropometrical optimal size (85 ⁄ 15 ⁄ 40 ⁄ 60 cm)
  • Hygiene mattress base, removable
  • Integrated bed extension
  • Chassis with large castors
  • Castors Ø 125mm, castor width 32mm
  • Brake levers on side for central castor locking and steering lock
  • Height adjustment of approx. 37 – 81cm
  • Backrest adjustment to 70°
  • Thigh rest adjustment to 40°
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg position up to 14°
  • Handset with selective locking function
  • Full-length safety sides, with protective height of 41cm
  • Wooden surrounds and decors
  • Argentum or Siena metal coating
  • Auto-contour adjustment
  • 2 location sleeves at the head end for patient lifting pole ⁄ infusion stand
  • Side panel behind safety sides
  • Wooden surrounds Lito, Pino, Lito reha, Podego or Alero as desired

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