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Economic II Care Bed

Burmeier’s high quality components make this a particularly durable, robust and low maintenance care bed.

Economic II – The AFFORDABLE care bed.

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Economic II Care Bed

Economic II Care Bed, with DSG Continuous Side Rails.

QUALITY and durability

The "Economic II" care bed is sturdily constructed to stand up to the rigours of daily nursing care. High–quality components make this a particularly durable, robust and low–maintenance care bed that significantly reduces follow–on costs.

COST-EFFECTIVE ⁄ Easily assembled by just one person

This bed offers exceptional value for money, but not at the expense of materials or design. Uncompromising use of high–quality materials is a hallmark of the Burmeier philosophy. The care bed can be assembled and disassembled by one person without tools in a matter of minutes.

Economic 2 Affordable Care Bed

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Burmeier Economic II Care Bed Specifications
Safe Load: 185kg
Overall Length: approx. 2120mm
Overall Width: approx. 1010mm
High / Low: 400 to 800 mm, range = 400 mm
Mattress Base Size: 900mm x 2000mm
Castors: 4 x 100mm individually locking.
Lift Operation: 24V Volt Fully Electric (input voltage 240V)
Backrest: 0° - 70°
Knee break: 0° - 35°
Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one or both sides
ASG – Adaptable Side Rail, on or both sides (optional)
Finish: The bed is mostly constructed out of steel sections, their surfaces have been polyester–powdercoated, or with a metallic coating of zinc and chrome. The end boards, the side rail beams and the spring wood slats consist of wood and derived timber products whose surface has been sealed.

Economic II Care Bed Codes
EV94B1ECII Economic II Care Bed 4 section — Beech

Folded Economic II Care Bed

Bed on the storage aid

The bed can be transported without problems even in small places. It consists of two end boards (head and foot section); a mattress surface frame which is divided in the middle; four side rail beams and a self–help pole with grip handle. The bed stands on four steerable, individually–locking casters.

Adaptable Side Rail up Adaptable Side Rail down

Optional, ASG – Adaptable Side Rail pdf

Mattress Codes

EV9721Mid Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 150,
EV9722Frail Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 150,
EV9723Maxi Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 180

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Economic II Care Bed Features;

1. Lowered Foot Section

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Lowered foot section

Lowering the foot section allows a chair position to elevate the patient from the waist up without requiring the patient to move. It is usually agreed that an upright, seated position provides more relief to the lungs and can improve circulation.

2. Wooden Slats Lying Surface

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The wooden slats flex and roll for additional comfort.

3. Handset

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Locking mechanisms have been built into the hand switch for safety reasons.
The hand switch, with its elastic hook can be hooked onto the bed. The spiral cable allows for greater mobility. The hand switch is water-tight and washable.

4. Self Help Pole

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Self Help Pole

The maximum load of the self help pole is 75 kg at the front end.
The self help pole makes it easier for the patient to get into and out of bed.
In both corners of the head section of the mattress surface frame are two self help pole sockets with restricted swivel.
The self help pole should be used on the side where the patient gets in and out of bed.

5. Linak Drive System

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Linak Drive System

240V input, 24V Output
LINAK drive system is easy to maintain and durable.

6. Back Support

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Back Support

The upright back rest can be lowered manually in case of a power outage or failure of the power supply or the electrical drive systems.
In this case two users are absolutely necessary!

7. Safe Working Load

Safe working load of 185kg.
The maximum long–term load for this bed is
185 kg (patient and accessories). Under this
load, the bed can be operated without restriction.

8. Ergonomic Work Height

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Ergonomic Work Height

Electrical height adjustment of the reclining surface from about 40 cm to 80 cm.

9. Lowered Leg Rest

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Lowered Leg Rest

When the thigh rest is fixed, the lower leg rest can be individually adjusted. For this reason there is a ratchet, which will lock the lower leg rest into position. Raise the lower leg rest on the foot end – not with the mattress brackets – up to the desired level. The lower leg rest will automatically snap into place.

To Lower, first lift the lower leg rest all the way to the stopping point, then slowly lower the lower leg rest.
(*thigh rest standard, lower leg rest optional)

10. Castors

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4 x 100mm individually locking, high–quality and robust castor TENTE

11. Stackable

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Stacked for storage

Space-saving delivery and storage when on storage and transport kit.

  • Mattress surface 900mm x 2000mm, 4-part, Mattress surface is spring wooden slats consisting of wood derived timber products whose surface has been sealed.
  • Adjustable Back Support and Upper Leg Rest.
  • Lowered foot section to facilitate chair position
  • Stackable for storage and transport
  • 4 x 100mm High–quality and robust TENTE castors.
  • Beech finish with working timber areas melamine covered.
  • Integrated side frames.
  • Low-maintenance, durable drive systems by LINAK.
  • Selectively locking handset with locking of individual functions.
  • Safe working load: 185kg.

Economic II Care Bed Technical Data
Height ⁄ electric
Backrest ⁄ electric
Thigh rest ⁄ electric
Locking device ⁄ selective
24-volt drive system
Height adjustment range  
from – to 40 – 80
4-section mattress base  
Standard 90 x 200
Special mattress base widths
Metal support bars
Wire mesh mattress base
Sprung wooden slats
Comfort mattress base
Adjustable mattress base tilt
Sliding backrest
Ground clearance for patient hoists
Castor locking  
per axle
Castor diameter 100
External dimensions and weight  
Length 218
Width 101
Net weight 97kg
Safe working load  
Wooden surround  
Model-specific headboard closed
Model-specific footboard closed
Model-specific headboard with handle bar
Model-specific footboard with handle bar
Comodo with round posts
Primero head and footboard with handle bar
Prinzino head and footboard with handle bar
Primus headboard closed ⁄ footboard with handle bar
Natural Beech
Royal Maple
Havana Cherry
Real Cherry
Bella Noce Choco
Foam leather cover o
Tray o
Clamp-on extra-high safety side rail o
Turnable handrail o
Fixed board 200 ⁄ 227 cm
Reading lamp o
Bed extension 20 cm o
Ratchet for lower leg rest adjustment o
Storage tray o
Magazine rack
Swivellable handset holder o
Handset extension cable
Extension cushion o
Linen holder
Wall deflection rollers o
Additional wooden surround (wooden panel) o
Patient lifting pole including triangular handle
Standing aid o
Full-length safety sides
Telescopic safety sides
Adaptable safety sides o
Combinable split safety sides
Storage and transportation aid
Widening rail, 5 cm
Mattress clamp handles (approx. 19 cm)
Softcover o
● Standard   o Optional, extra cost   – Not available

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