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Electronic Column Scale

Versatile, low-maintenance and site-independent.

Seca 769 Electronic Column Scale

Seca 769 Electronic Column Scale

  • The intelligent solution for flexible use

    Seca 703 Column Scale

    Display: All it takes is the press of a key to find out BMI.

    A must in the medical sector: high precision and sophisticated functionality combined with cost-effectiveness. For more than one hundred years now, seca has been developing innovative scales and measuring systems to provide optimal solutions. Because only equipment which is perfectly aligned to the requirements of doctors and nursing staff and which, at the same time, work cost-effectively can really ease the workload in hospitals, practices and nursing homes. The versatile column scale seca 769 is one of these developments.

  • Intelligent functions for versatile use

    Seca 703 Column Scale

    Platform: The slip resistant surface with an anti-tip column design guarantees a safe and secure foothold.

    Essential in hospitals and doctors’ practices: the determination of the nutritional condition of the patient. That is why the seca 769 has the BMI function where the height of the patient is compared with their weight, thus providing valuable information.

    The auto-HOLD function too reduces the everyday workload: it ensures that the result is still shown on the display after the patient has stepped down from the scale. The carer can therefore first attend to the patient before making a note of the weight. Additional items which are not to be included in the weight result are simply deducted by means of the TARE function.

  • Site-independent and easy to transport

    The seca 769 can be used wherever it is needed. As it is battery-operated, no wall outlet connection is necessary. A versatile scale must also be easy to move around – that is why the seca 769 is fitted with smooth running transport castors on which it can quite simply be wheeled to wherever it is needed.

ARTG Number: 157461

Seca 769 Electronic Column Scale base

The optional side-mounted telescopic measuring rod on many seca column scales allows simultaneous measuring and weighing.

  • Especially cost-effective and low-maintenance

    The seca 769 is extremely energy-saving and thus very cost-effective. The minimum power consumption of the low maintenance column scale ensures that a large number of weighings are possible with just one set of batteries. The automatic switch-off function is another reason for the low energy consumption.

  • Technical Data

    • Capacity: 200kg
    • Graduation: 100g
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 294 x 831 x 417mm
    • Platform (WxHxD): 272 x 75 x 280mm
    • Weight: 6.2kg
    • Power supply: Batteries ⁄ mains adapter (optional)
    • Functions: pre–TARE, auto–HOLD, automatic switch–off, kg ⁄ lbs switch–over
    • Optional: measuring rod seca 220 and seca 224, mains adapter 447, switch-mode power adapter seca 400

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