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Portable Suction Pump

Ceevac – Convenience of a lightweight, fully portable suction source.

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Ceevac Portable Suction Pump

Ceevac Portable Suction Pump

  • Vacuum: 0 to -80 kPa [0 to -600 mmHg]
  • Flow : 0 – 25 litres ⁄ minute
  • Choice of 60 minute battery run time
  • Direct vacuum regulation
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 24 Month Warranty (3 months on batteries)
Ceevac Portable Suction Pump

Ergonomic design and robust construction

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Lightweight & Portable

CarriVac offers the convenience of a lightweight, fully portable suction source with the versatility of three alternate power sources – mains, 12 volt DC and an internal rechargeable battery.

Reliable High Vacuum Performance

The Ceevac High Suction Pump is a compact, portable unit designed to suit the needs of hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and paramedics in providing a strong source of suction for use in both indoor and outdoor environments where mains power is unavailable or interrupted.

Technical Data

Product Code SUC81030
Power Rating 100 – 240V 50 ⁄ 60Hz 1.5A
Maximum Vacuum -80 kPa [-600 mmHg]
Flow Rate 25 litre ⁄ minute
Gauge Bourdon tube type, dual scale, graduated in kPa and mmHg
Gauge Range 0 to -100 kPa graduated at 5 kPa
0 to -760 mmHg graduated at 20 mmHg
Vacuum Regulator Needle valve type
Pump type Diaphragm – motor and pump combined
Collection Canister 1 Litre autoclavable, shatterproof polycarbonate jar
Optional: 1 Litre disposable liner jar, 2 Litre disposable liner jar
Overflow Protection Float valve mechanism ⁄ Hydrophobic filter
Internal Battery Fully sealed, rechargeable, Sealed Lead Acid, 12V 4.5Ah capacity
Battery Run Time 60 minutes
Battery Indicator Charging ⁄ Low Battery LED ⁄ Low Battery Beeper
Warning Time 5 minutes
Battery charger External
Charging Time 4 hours from fully depleted to fully charged
Dimensions Unit: 210 mm H 180 mm W 350 mm L
Weight 4.4kg total including battery and accessories
GMDM 36777
Device Class Class IIA
Operation Mode Continuous operation
Part Numbers
SUC81030 High Vacuum High Flow Portable Suction Pump with 1 x 1L Reusable Collection Jar
SUC 81030 001 Kit, 1L Reusable Collection Jar (Pack 1)
(1L Reusable Jar, Lid)
SUC 81030 KIT2 Disposable Liner KIT for 2L liner VAL-201
VAL-201 2L Vacsax disposable liner (box of 30)
3833-007 ⁄ S Tapered Connector for Vacsax liners (Tubing connection)
Medical Suction Tubing SUC80297 Medical grade PVC
8mm ID x 12mm OD
Available in 20m lengths.
Medical Suction Tubing
Blue Female Nipple SUC 84200 520 The Blue Female Nipples are supplied in packs of 10 and are used to connect the yellow suction tubing to the male port on blue bacteria filters. Blue Female Nipple
Blue Bacterial Filter SUC84100 162   Bacterial Filter
Blue Male Nipple SUC 84200 519 The Blue Male Nipples are supplied in packs of 10 and are used to connect the yellow suction tubing to the female port on blue bacteria filters. Blue Male Nipple
Anterior Obstetric Cups SUC 80150 The anterior obstetric cups are available individually in 40mm, 50mm and 60mm sizes or as a set of 3.

Featuring silicon tubing, puller chain and vacuum relief valve contained in a single unit allowing for one hand operation.
Anterior Obstetric Cups
Yankauer Suction Handpiece SUC 80404 001 Yankauer Suction Handpieces (with finger valve) are supplied as a kit of 10, in individual sterile packages.

They are single use only.
Yankauer Suction Handpiece

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