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Relax ⁄ Lippe Home Care Bed

Relax senior bed – The convertible dream bed for seniors.


The Relax Bed — a personal bed for the elderley

Relax Bed
Attractive wood decors for every style of home design

The combinable senior bed – the Relax wooden bed frame promotes an atmosphere of well-being

Relax is a cosy wooden bed frame that can be combined with the bed inserts from our Lippe range or an electrically adjustable slatted frame.

Relax Bed
Relax Double Bed

Two single beds can be pushed together to form a double bed.
One or both of the single "Relax" beds can have the height–adjustable "Lippe" insert.

The advantages of the "Relax" bed for you

DOUBLE BED – Two Relax bed frame surrounds can be combined to create a double bed which enables partners to use different bed inserts to suit their own particular requirements. The gap between them can be closed with a wooden cover.

WELL-BEING – The decors available for the Relax blend well with the furniture made by Burmeier – enabling an entire bedroom to be furnished from a single source.

FLEXIBILITY – The Relax is a flexible companion in later life, and its mattress base can be adapted progressively to meet current needs.

An advantage of wooden slats is they have the ability to curve downwards and to adjust to fit your body shape. Therefore they are more comfortable than a rigid metal bed frame; the flexibility of the natural wood slats can replace some of the spring action of an innerspring mattress and emsemble base, so emsemble base is not necessary. The bed will be thinner and have storage space under the bed.

Side height of 45 cm (without mattress), for easy entry and exit.

A handle bar along the top of the footboard provides support when sitting on the bed or standing next to it.

Optional wood cover to bridge the middle gap of a double bed.

Motor-driven slatted frame for comfort

Relax Bed with manual frame

The "Relax" single bed with slatted frame, can have manually adjustable back and leg support.

Relax Bed with powered frame

Or it can come with a motor–driven frame, back and leg support with power–assisted adjustment.

Relax Bed with powered frame

Relax bed surrounds can be combined to create a double bed, whereby the middle gap can be covered with an optional wood cover.

The Relax bed surround with its attractive wood combinations blends beautifully into any setting. The frames of the head and footboards are always made from solid beech. For the side panels and the head and footboard panels, there are attractive wood decors to choose from.

Solid wood panels and frame adjustment

Beds ends in Beech and Bella Noce

Frame in solid beech wood, panels and bed sides in “Bella Noce” finish.

Relax Bed Frame Adjustment

Height of mounting bars for slatted frame can be adjusted in 4 stages (of 2 cm each). Lowest height is 26 cm. (Standard version — no extra charge).

Safe living at home 24 Volt Drive System as standard

Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode
Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode Chart

The SwitchMode voltage transformer produces a protective low voltage of 24 volts directly at the socket.

Burmeier’s 24 volt drive system provides an ideal safety standard for caring for people in care. All live 230 volt components are safely housed away from the bed. Immediately downstream of the mains plug is a housing containing the SwitchMode electronic voltage transformer. This means that residents enjoy a very high level of safety.


Strong Advantages

Dali Standard Care Bed 24V system
  • Protective low voltage from the transformer at the wall socket
  • No 230 volt carrying components on the care bed
  • No leakage current measurement after assembling or during the expected service life of the bed
  • A test certificate is available for downloading for every bed

The bed has no current-carrying components except when the handset is in use. Energy consumption drops by up to 93%. Even more costs and effort are saved by the fact that leakage current measurements, certified by TÜV Rheinland, are no longer necessary.

When care beds are being commercially used, the required leakage current measurements must be performed every 2 years. The use of the 24 volt system prolongs this interval to such an extent that measurements are not necessary at all within the expected service life of the bed. The applicable service life is given in the operating instructions. Leakage current measurements are not even required when putting the bed into service for the first time, as this has already been taken care of in the factory.

There is also no need for an electrically trained person to be involved in assembling the bed — this saves the bed operator additional costs.

Lippe range for the Relax bed surround

Lippe Bed
The height-adjustable bed insert — comfort and safety in your own bed

Bed inserts from the Lippe range are easy to insert into an existing bed frame and offer all the benefits of an electrically adjustable care bed.

HOMELIKE COMFORT – Thanks to their space-saving chassis, all Lippe models fit into virtually any existing bed and usually remain invisible, and thus do not detract from the familiar appearance of the bedroom.

24-VOLT SYSTEM – Benefit from greater safety and up to 93% lower power consumption.

ACCESSORIES – Adaptable safety sides or a stand-up aid promote extra protection and mobility.


Lippe bed inserts can be operated easily and intuiyively using the handset with its selectively lockable features.

Compelling advantages of the Lippe IV bed for you

  • The mattress base has four sections, motorised adjustment and supports a safe working load of 200 kg.
  • Four-section mattress base with sprung wooden slats for regenerative sleep and added comfort when reading or watching TV.
  • The large height adjustment range, from a low 29 cm up to 74 cm, makes getting out of bed easy and allows carers to work at an ergonomically ideal height.
  • The handset with selective locking function makes safe, intuitive operation possible.
  • The distance between opposing mattress clamp handles can be widened by 10 cm. The mattress clamp handles can be detached.
  • A fifth mattress clamp handle at the foot end gives the mattress additional support.
  • The lower leg support remains horizontal when the thigh rest is raised. It can be lowered with the help of a ratchet mechanism.
  • There are adaptor sleeves on both sides, for the patient lifting pole and a reading lamp.
  • Four feet with floor-level adjustment screws and fastening lugs ensure the bed insert is stable.


Lippe Bed

Lippe 120 ⁄ 140 – Space and comfort in any circumstances

Lippe 120 140 Bed

If you have enjoyed the comfort of a more generous bed width for many years, you might feel more restricted in a standard bed. That is why Lippe 120 ⁄ 140 bed inserts are also available for wider bed surrounds. With a mattress base width of 120 and ⁄ or 140 cm, persons in need of care have plenty of space and can continue to enjoy their usual quality of life without any restrictions.

Compelling advantages of the "Lippe" 120 ⁄ 140 bed for you

With a mattress base width of 120 or 140 cm, the person in need of care has plenty of space and can continue enjoying their usual quality of life without any restrictions. And this model also fits into many wider bed surrounds.

  • Large height adjustment range, from 29 to 74 cm, for fall prevention and ergonomic care
  • Metal slats in the mattress base can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and are designed to support a weight of up to 250 kg.
  • Floor-level adjustment screws ensure good stability
  • Economic and safe 24-volt drive system.
Lippe 120 140 base

Even the wide models, Lippe 120 and 140, can be combined with our Relax bed surround.

Lippe 120 140 adjust bearings

The height adjustment mechanism rests on ball bearings and functions safely, gently and quietly.

Lippe 120 140 feet

Floor-level adjustment screws and lugs are provided as standard to ensure a stable footing.

Lippe 120 140 adjust plug

A power socket is provided for easy connection of the switchedmode power supply to the bed insert.


Dimensions – Lippe IV and Lippe 120 ⁄ 140

Lippe Bed dimensions

Dimensions Lippe IV

Lippe Bed dimensions

Dimensions Lippe 120 ⁄ 140

Lippe IV Equipment and options

Model variant Lippe IV Lippe IV washable Lippe 120 ⁄ 140 Relax
Mattress base widths 80 ⁄ 90 ⁄ 100cm 90cm 120 ⁄ 140cm 90 ⁄ 100 ⁄ 120 ⁄ 140cm
Mattress base lengths 190 ⁄ 200cm 190 ⁄ 200cm 200 ⁄ 220cm 200 ⁄ 220cm
Height adjustment 29 to 74 cm 29 to 74 cm 29 to 74 cm
Safe working load 200kg 200kg 250kg
2 connection sleeves at head end tick tick tick o3)
5th mattress clamp handle at foot end tick tick tick o3)
CDC coating tick
Feet with floor-level adjustment screws and fixing lugs tick tick tick
Selectively lockable handset tick tick tick o3)
Transmitter holder for handset o o o1)
Extension cable for handset (240cm) o o o1)
Rastomat for lower leg rest tick tick tick o1)
Sprung wooden slat mattress base tick o1)
Metal slat mattress base tick tick o2)
Motorised frame o
Linak 24-volt drive system tick tick tick o3)
Sola reading lamp o o o o3)
Patient lifting pole with triangular grab handle o o o o3)
Standing aid o o o o3)
Adjustable safety side o o1)
Lippe safety side o o1)
Bed extension 20cm o o4)
Widening rail 5cm o o1)
Taller mattress clamp handles (approx. 19cm) o o o o3)
Transportation and storage aid o tick
tick = Standard   o = Optional   — = Not available
1) Combined with Lippe IV
2) With Lippe-Wash and Lippe 120 ⁄ 140
3) With all Lippe bed inserts
4) Dimensions 120 x 220 cm and 140 x 220 cm for extended Lippe 120 ⁄ 140 available

Accessories – for more vitality and security in everyday life

Lippe Bed lamp
Lippe Bed lamp

The Sola reading lamp radiates a pleasant light and generates very little heat. It can be fitted to the patient lifting pole or into the connection sleeve.

Lippe Bed pole

The patient lifting pole helps the occupant of the bed to get comfortably positioned.

Lippe Bed aid

The optional aid to standing up promotes residents’ mobility.

Lippe Bed aid

A 20cm bed extension is available for Lipp 120 ⁄ 140

Lippe Bed feet

Feet with floor-levelling screws ensure excellent stability.

Lippe Bed feet

Optional adjustable feet make it possible to raise the bed insert by up to 7 cm.

The optional widening rails that add 5cm per side to the Lippe IV, the mattress base of the Lippe IV can be widened.

Lippe Bed feet
More information on Burmeier Accessories email

Relax Care Bed Codes

EV94B3RXBB Relax Bed Frame 90 x 200cm (Beech Bella Noce)
EV94B3RXBBG Relax Bed Frame 140 x 200cm (Beech Bella Noce)
EV94B3RXBBM Relax Bed Frame 120 x 200cm (Beech Bella Noce)
EV94B3RXBBW Relax Bed Frame 100 x 200cm (Beech Bella Noce)
EV94B3RXBM Relax Bed Frame 90 x 200cm (Beech Maple)
EV94B3RXBMG Relax Bed Frame 140 x 200cm (Beech Maple)
EV94B3RXBMM Relax Bed Frame 120 x 200cm (Beech Maple)
EV94B3RXBMW Relax Bed Frame 100 x 200cm (Beech Maple)
EV94B3SEF Sinus Electric Adjust slatted Bed Frame Insert, 90cm
EV94B3SMF Sirius Manual Adjust slatted Bed Frame Insert, 90cm

Lippe IV Care Bed Codes

EV94B3LE Lippe IV Bed Frame insert 90 x 200cm
EV94B3LEG Lippe IV Bed Frame insert 140 x 200cm
EV94B3LEM Lippe IV Bed Frame insert 120 x 200cm
EV94B3LEW Lippe IV Bed Frame insert 100 x 200cm

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