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Dali Equipment Table


Equipment and options

  Dali Dali low-entry Dali wash Dali with wooden surrounds
Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions) 90 x 200 90 x 200 90 x 200 90 x 200
External dimensions in cm 102 x 218 102 x 225 cm 102 x 212 cm 102 x 218 cm
Bed extension in cm 20 20 20
Ground clearance in cm 16 3 16 16
Safe working load in kg 185 175 185 185
Total weight in kg 97 97 97 97
Maximum weight of patient in kg 145 135 145 145
Automated reprocessing
Tilting to reverse-Trendelenburg position in ° 11 11 11 11
Mattress base height in cm (from — to) 40 — 80 23 — 63 40 — 80 40 — 80
Manual CPR release of the backrest
Electrically adjustable
24-volt drive concept with external transformer
Floor-level external power pack for 24 volt system o o o o
Wall deflection rollers o o o
Reading lamp o o o o
Tray o o o o
Storage tray o o o o
Mattress base version        
Sprung wooden slats
Metal slats o o
Mattress base dismantles
4-section mattress base
Patient lifting pole
Mechanical emergency backrest release
Bed extension 20 cm o o o
Manual adjustment of lower leg rest (Rastomat) o  
Mobilisation aid o o o
Satety sides        
Protective height of safety sides 37 37 37 37
Full-length safety side
Adaptable safety side (ASG) o o
Full-length metal safety sides o o o
Clamp-on bar for safety sides o o o
Foam leather cover o o o o
Softcovers for safety sides o o o o
Extension cushion o o o o
Carrying case for safety side bars o o o o
Castors and brakes        
Castor diameter in mm 100 75 100 100
Castor braking, individually
Head and footboards, decors and colours        
Topaz paint colour
Natural Beech Natural Beech
Model-related headboard, closed surface
Model-related footboard, closed surface
Softcover for head and footboards o o o
Control units and accessory equipment        
Handset with selective locking function
Selective locking feature
Ready for Dali-Lock app
Wooden surround o o
✔ =Standard    o =Available as an option    — =Not available

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