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Burmeier Nursing Home Care Beds

A Range of Multi–function Electric Care Beds.

Westfalia Klassik Care Bed Burmeier

Westfalia Klassik Care 4 Section Electric Bed

Extremely solid construction – fulfills the requirements in daily care perfectly.

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Allura Care Bed Burmeier

Allura Care 4 Section Electric Beds — 3 Models

Allura — 900mm wide mattress base
Allura 100 — 1000mm wide mattress base
Allura Mighty — 1200mm wide mattress base

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Inovia Care Bed Burmeier

Inovia Care 4 Section Electric Floor Line Bed — 2 Models

Inovia — 900mm wide mattress base
Inovia 100 — 1000mm wide mattress base

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Dali Low Entry Care Bed Burmeier

Dali–Low Entry 4 Section Electric Bed

A bed that stacks for transport or storage – Great space saving

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Economic II Care Bed Burmeier

Economic II 4 Section Electric Bed

This bed is sturdily constructed to stand up to the rigours of daily nursing care.

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Gigant Heavy Duty Bed Burmeier

Gigant Heavy Duty 4 Section Electric Bed

A bed with extremely strong construction – 350kg Safe Working Load

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Vendlet Patient Turning System Burmeier Click here for details

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