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Ascend Standing Hoist

Nimble, compact and extremely easy to manoeuvre Oxford hoist.

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Oxford Ascend Standing Hoist

Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist

With its unrivalled range of movement, the Ascend can transfer a patient from a low-seated position to fully extended with ease. Its active lifting motion was specially designed to encourage user participation, which ultimately promotes patient independence and well–being.

The Ascend has the option of both a standing and transport sling, providing the carer the option of performing various care duties, such as:

  • Toileting
  • Standing
  • Point to point transfers
  • Walking ⁄ Rehab

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In addition to its lightweight aluminium construction the Ascend has a powerful safe working load of 170kg.

As well as being compact and easy to operate in confined spaces such as bathrooms, the Ascend has many key design features that make it a truly flexible piece of equipment.

Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist

The knee pad is adjustable in height (by 152mm or 6 inches) to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and fully supported throughout the lifting process. The pad, which has a molded design to provide additional support, also has a leg restraint for those patients needing additional reassurance.

Removing the foot tray transforms the Ascend into a device that allows a patient to fully stand. This is made possible by the Ascend’s extensive lifting range. Once standing, the lift can be removed and the patient can be encouraged to walk independently.

Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist

The Ascend enters a new dimension when it comes to usability. Careful attention to product design ensures correct ergonomic usage, protecting both the patient and carer from injury at all times.

The Ascend was designed with the 5 key principles of moving and handling in mind.

  • Get close to the load
  • Use a wide stable base
  • Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
  • Keep spine close to neutral
  • Make sure movement is smooth

This direct correlation ensures Oxford’s lift designs are simple, safe and above all comfortable to use. This view is shared by Oxford's consultant teams, who have assisted us in conducting detailed usability surveys to ensure that the Ascend meets the true needs of the patient, the carer and the environment in which it operates.

Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist Oxford Ascend Patient Hoist

Product Code: OXF–ASCEND


Mast, Base & Boom Assembly 44.0kg
Power Pack 3.0kg
Total 47.0kg
Base Assembly 19.5kg
Mast & Boom Assembly 20.5kg
Battery 1 x 12 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery capacity 3.2 Ampere hours
Charger rated input 230Vac 50 ⁄ 60Hz
Charger rated output 27.4 ⁄ 29.0 VDC@0.8A
Safe Working Load 170kg
Maximum Overall Length 1100mm
Minimum Overall Length 1000mm
Maximum Overall Height 1710mm
Minimum Overall Height 1070mm
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 1665mm
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 990 mm
Turning Radius 1320mm
Legs Open – External Width 995mm
Legs Open – Internal Width 885mm
Legs Closed – External Width 630mm
Legs Closed – Internal Width 510mm
Overall Height of Legs 120mm
Ground Clearance 35mm
Front Twin Castors 100mm
Rear Braked Castors 100mm

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