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Seca 105 Analytics Software

The scales and measuring systems work together wirelessly with PCs.

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Seca 105 Analytics Software

Seca 105 Analytics Software

Seca 105 Analytics Software

Seca 105 Analytics Software

Seca 105 Analytics Software

The future belongs to networks — in medicine too.

Where many competent hands interact, the work goes faster and better. That’s the idea behind a network and the seca 360° wireless with the software seca analytics 105. In this case, the scales and measuring systems distributed across several rooms work together wirelessly with any number of PCs. This network gives you access to a central patient database (EMR) via a central interface (seca EMR connector), where you can file weight and height measurements and export all additional analyses made by seca analytics 105 in PDF form. Time is saved not only in measuring procedures but also in documentation work.

Watch USA video showing seca 360°
USB adapter seca 456

Seca 456 Wireless USB Adapter

360° wireless USB adapter seca 456

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Advantages of the seca 360° wireless technology:

  • Secure encrypted data transmission by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with seca’s own wireless protocol from up to 45 seca devices per PC.
  • User–defined frequency setting.
  • Varied repetition rates.
  • ISM band Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band) 2.4 GHz
  • Protection from interaction with other networks provided by transmission below 10 mW.
  • Range of about 10 meters.
  • Can be updated and expanded to keep up with future seca developments.

seca analytics 105 Software Pack

The 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456 guarantees secure reception

To enable your PC to receive the height and weight measurements wirelessly from seca devices, you need only the 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456. It makes sure that up to 45 seca devices (per adapter) in three different wireless groups can communicate wirelessly with each other. Setup and connection are simple: select the wireless group, automatically search for an available frequency, switch on devices one after the other and you’re done. All available seca 360° wireless scales and measuring systems will appear in a list on the PC. Weighing and measuring can be done just as quickly. The high degree of automation makes for fast and error–free procedures.

seca analytics 105 as client–server application

With the seca software you can gain access to a centrally installed seca patient and examination database from a number of different workstations (clients). A simple user account management system permits the assignment of individual access rights.

The software seca analytics 105 ensures trouble–free integration in EMR systems

Many devices bear the seal “EMR-ready”. But in reality that is not enough. Only “EMR–integrated” products like the seca analytics 105 put data into the internationally recognized HL 7 and ⁄ or GDT format, which is what most EMR systems require in order to process data.

  • Together with the seca 360° wireless USB adapter, the software seca analytics 105 readies your PC to receive measurement data from seca wireless or RS232 devices.
  • And to export data to an EMR system.
  • Completely trouble–free, as seca analytics 105 is EMR–integrated and puts data into HL 7 and GDT formats.
  • Patient data, measurements and laboratory data from EMR can be imported.
  • In addition, an electronic report can be generated and digitally stored in patient records.


  • sets up your PC to receive wireless transmission of measurements or transmission via RS232 interface from scales and measuring systems by seca.
  • compares the measurements to statistical norms.
  • puts data in descriptive graphic format.
  • stores all patient and examination data in central seca database.
  • simple user account management for set–up of individual access authorization to seca patient database.
  • is also the first step toward electronic medical records: EMR–integrated
  • For the set-up on your PC, all you need is the seca software DVD, which contains all the required applications:
    • seca database
    • software to allow communication with connected seca products
    • seca EMR connector for communication with an electronic medical record system
    • for three or six workstations

System Requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  • Processor: 1,2 GHz or higher
  • Available hard drive memory: minimum 610 MB — recommended 1 GB
  • Required main memory: minimum 512 MB RAM
  • Peripherals: CD drive
  • Ports: for use with seca devices USB 2.0 or serial interface (RS 232)
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768, High Color (16-bit), 32–bit (recommended)
  • System compatible with all products in the seca 360° wireless system
Seca 105 Analytics Software

email Click here to enquire about the Seca 105 Analytics Software.

seca analytics   105
     Medical PC software for
     diagnostic support

         Version 1.0

Seca 105 Analytics Software

With the software seca analytics 105
     you get more out of every measurement.

Use the following to your advantage:

  1. Save time with the wireless transmission of measurement data to your PC.
  2. Let seca analytics 105 analyze and format the measurements.
  3. Track and document the development of weight changes on the PC.
  4. Configure and customize two analysis modules so seca analytics 105 can work to your requirements.
  5. Decide which analyses should appear on your (DIN A4) print–out and integrate the logo of your hospital ⁄ practice.
  6. Transmit your patient’s weight and height directly to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.
  7. Create an electronic report and file it as a PDF in the EMR system.
  8. Make sure your hospital or practice complies with the international PDMS–integrated standard.

Up until now the analysis and interpretation of a measurement required numerous comparison tables and a lot of time. Starting today your PC and seca analytics 105 will help to speed up the process. The special software by seca takes the height and weight measurements made by the seca 360° wireless scales and measuring systems and transmits them on a secure medical–use frequency to your PC. You can then assign the measurements to individual patients and, with the use of three software modules, analyze and interpret the data and store your work.

Add a new level of quality to your medical advice

Show your patients how their measurements compare to statistical norms. Or show parents the short–term and long–term changes in the height and weight of their children. The information helps you to assess the health status and nutritional condition of your patients and enables you to provide a service that anyone in your waiting room will appreciate. Especially when he or she can take home the findings and analyses in a print–out (DIN A4). seca analytics 105 assists you with early recognition and treatment of illnesses and provides understandable graphics you can use when advising patients.

Seca 105 Analytics Software

Print out the graphically formatted results for your patients – on the DIN A4 printer in your practice.

The three modules in seca analytics 105 –
     as helpful as three additional assistants.

Now seca puts three assistants at your side. They are the three modules in seca analytics 105 which compare your measurements to statistical norms and format the results in easy–to–understand graphics, a step that saves you the work and effort involved in consulting tables and interpretation aids. With two additional user–defined modules, you can customize the software to serve your special needs.

Seca 105 Analytics Software

The module “Cardiometabolic Risk” compares BMI and waist circumference with the respective reference values, calculates the 10–year risk for coronary heart disease and checks for the presence of metabolic syndrome. These functions make the module particularly suitable for use in cardiology and angiology.

1. Cardiometabolic Risk

The cardiometabolic risk module determines whether metabolic syndrome is present and estimates the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Metabolic syndrome is an established indicator of both the metabolic and cardiovascular risks, which are assessments of the patient’s metabolism and vascular system. The module identifies the joint occurrence of defined cardiometabolic risk factors such as a high waist circumference, elevated blood sugar, altered blood fat levels and high blood pressure. The BMI, which is the primary indicator of cardiometabolic risk, is also compared to statistical norms. The percentage risk of coronary heart disease can be determined with the help of risk score. For that purpose, an analysis is made of defined risk factors for CHD to which a certain number of points are assigned.

2. Development ⁄ Growth

The course of growth and weight changes can be monitored with use of the module Development ⁄ Growth. It helps with early recognition of growth disorders in children — height, weight and BMI are presented in percentiles for the respective age group — and with the diagnosis of obesity in all age groups.

Seca 105 Analytics Software

In pediatrics the patient’s height, weight and BMI can now be compared to different percentiles and in intensive care the adult patient’s weight changes can be monitored automatically.

4. User Defined Modules

In addition to the three installed modules, you can set up others and define them for your needs. For each module, simply select four parameters from a broad range of options. It’s that easy to customize seca analytics 105 for the special requirements of your hospital or practice.

3. Energy

The assessment of resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption is gaining in importance as more and more patients suffer from malnutrition, overweight or obesity. This is where the third module comes in. It can calculate resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption. The user has to enter just a few parameters, such as date of birth, weight, height and PAL (Physical Activity Level). In a parallel process this module can calculate the recommended energy expenditure per day — and thereby function as a therapy planner for a target weight or BMI to be defined. Or in a hospital setting the module can protect the patient from malnutrition.

Seca 105 Analytics Software

The module “Energy” can be used as a therapy planner because it calculates the energy expenditure required to achieve a weight goal. It is particularly suitable for use in diabetology, endocrinology, geriatrics and intensive care medicine.

Scientific basis:

seca analytics 105 takes the following reference values into account in the analysis and interpretation of measurements:

  • Interpretation of BMI in adults: WHO 2004 statistics
  • Interpretation of height, weight, BMI in children:
    Kromeyer–Hauschild et al. (Germany), CDC 2000 (USA) and WHO 2007 (international)
  • Interpretation of waist circumference in adults:
    International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Interpretation of waist circumference in children:
    Fernandez et al. 2004 (international) and Inokuchi et al. 2007 (Asia)
  • Definition metabolic syndrome in adults: IDF and NIH
  • Definition metabolic syndrome in children: IDF
  • Risk estimate of coronary heart disease: FRAMINGHAM Score, PROCAM Score, SCORE of European Society of Cardiology
  • Calculation of energy consumption: Müller et al. 2004, Liu et al. 1995

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