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TheraFlo Mattress Replacement System

Cares for bariatric patients up to 450kg.

TheraFlo AP Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

Microclimate control with Deep Breathing Execrise (DBE):
taking greatness to the next level.

TheraFlo AP, the mattress replacement system that provides not only maximum comfort with microclimate control but also is exceptionally intelligent with Deep Breathing Execrise.

Take a deep breath — Pulsate with Deep Breathing Execrise (DBE).

Therapy support surfaces immerse patients deep into the surface, this allows a better environment for the treatment of wounds. However, immersion creates shallow breathing due to poor pulmonary posture. TheraFlo AP’s Pulsate or DBE mode rapidly lifts the patient from the immersed state to allow the patient’s head and shoulders to lay flat on the surface. The patient is encouraged to take long deep breaths during this 90 second cycle. After the 90 second hyper-inflation ends, the pressure rapidly drops to the prior immersion setting to achieve full body off loading and mechanically cause reactive hyperemia, improved perfusion and O2 saturation. Improving patient outcomes and decreasing the length of hospital stays, DBE, an ingenious wound care therapy method.

TheraFlo AP Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

TheraFlo AP Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

TheraFlo Pump

TheraFlo AP Power Unit

A True Low Air Loss mattress replacement system that cares for bariatric patients up to 450kg.

AP Mattress Product Codes (includes Alternating Pressure Digital Control Unit)
TLA–TH–36–AP TheraFlo 36" (900mm)
TLA–TH–39–AP TheraFlo 39" (990mm)
TLA–TH–42–AP TheraFlo 42" (1070mm)
TLA–TH–48–AP TheraFlo 48" (1280mm)
TLA–TH–54–AP TheraFlo 54" (1370mm)
Product Code Digital Control Unit
TLA–TH–AP–CU Digital Control Unit

TheraFlo AP provides advance microclimate control through the extraordinary true low air loss technology. With this ground breaking technology, TheraFlo AP offers optimal management of the microclimate by creating a highly pressurized air flow, beneath the coverlet, that is constantly expelling excess humidity. It is this type of intense attention to nauce that sets TheraFlo AP apart from any other wound care systems in the market. This system is made with the highest quality material, which is durable and reliable for home care, nursing home and hospital, including the ICU environment.

TheraFlo AP Power Unit with ips technology and 3 Therapy Modes

The IPS Technology, Intelligent Pressure Sensing Technology, responds to patient movements on mattress by automatically adjusting internal mattress pressure, which allows TheraFlo AP to regulate airflow and continuously provide total envelopment for our patients. Carilex is the first brand in the industry to master IPS. This gives us more experience and vast knowledge in the technology that is years ahead of our competitors.

Intelligent pressure sensing

Responds to patient movements on mattress by automatically adjusting internal mattress pressure.

Continuous low pressure

Offers continuous low internal pressure for maximum weight-bearing areas and conformation of the body.

Bariatric mode

High weight capacity supporting both standard and bariatric patients up to 450kg.

Alternating pressure mode

Providing pressure redistribution by imitating natural body movement in response to pressure, including multiple cycle time for therapy.

Static Mode

Blower base True Low Air Loss technology provides maximum pressure redistribution, prevents and treats pressure ulcer up to stage IV The pressure redistribution mattress also encourages excellent skin moisture transference.

Pressure Map

Pressure Map
Pressure Map
Subject: Male 47 years old, 177cm in height, 94kg in weight, BMI = 30

Rapid inflation

1600 liters per minute, powerful blower inflating the full mattress within seconds.

Low noise level

Lowest operating noise level in industry standard.

Power failure alarm

Audible and visual power failure alarms to alert caregivers in case of abnormal power outage.

Stress-free interface

Intuitive and simple user interface design enables caregiver to perform tasks faster and with less effort.

  • Standards
  • IEC/ EN 60601-1_v3.1
  • IEC/ EN 60601-1-2_v4.0
  • IEC/ EN 60601-1-11_v2.0
  • Mattresses (MR)
  • ISO10993-5,10
  • BS 7175-5 BS 7177
  • TGA Registration
  • 374772

Technical Detils

Risk ⁄ Category; Very High
Waterlow score; 20+
Pressure sore grading; 4
Weight; Pump weighs 5.2kg
Warranty; 2 years

TheraFlo AP pump icons

The TheraFlo Mattress

TheraFlo AP Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

TheraFlo Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

TheraFlo Cells

True Low Air Loss

TheraFlo Cells

Directional snap

Theraflo AP offers superb pressure relief with microclimate control and DBE — two of the most sophisticated technologies in the market. The results simply cannot be duplicated by traditional alternating pressure systems.

The Carilex TheraFlo AP Mattress Replacement System is designed to facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum tissue pressure redistribution and relief for treating and preventing pressure injuries. It is the ideal therapy system providing low noise level and comfortable modular cell design for superior sleeping quality.

Directional snap

Specifically designed buttons to provide better structural stability from air cells.

Multiple coverlet material

Standard breathable quilted nylon coverlet, or the optional Dartex coverlet providing high quality waterproof and vapour permeable medical fabric.

Deep fluid immersion

Allowing maximum pressure redistribution through deep depth immersion in 8” tall air cell.

Rapid CPR deflation with pull tab

Deflating the entire mattress within seconds in case of emergency.

True Low Air Loss

Providing excellent airflow to assist in managing the heat and humidity (microclimate) of the skin.

Heel guard

Constantly lower pressure at the heel section, relieving pressure and protecting patient’s heels.

Anti-skid security

Anti-skid mattress base and security straps, keep the surface in place on the bed frame.

Superior sleeping quality

Soft material and modular air cell design to help patients with a good night’s sleep.

TheraFlo AP mattress icons

Technical Detils

Risk ⁄ Category; Very High
Waterlow score; 20+
Pressure sore grading; 4
SWL; Up to 280kg
Air cell configuration; 20 x 8”
Cycle times; 5, 10, 15 minutes
Warranty; 2 years

email Click here to enquire about the TheraFlo Mattress Replacement System.

Product Specifications

The TheraFlo Static & AP Power Unit

Control Interface Dimensions
Unit Weight
Digital 360x300x170 5.2kg
Static Transfer Function Power Input Power Consumption
Tick AC220–240V ⁄ 50Hz
AC100–120V ⁄ 60Hz
Max. 350W

The TheraFlo Mattress

Length Depth Widths Number of Cells
2000mm 250mm 900, 990,
1060, 1210,
1370, 1520mm
Mattress Cell Material Coverlet Material Weight Max. Capacity
100% nylon with TPU lamination Dartex 12 ~ 16kg 450kg

Other Features

Upright mode | Pressure redistribution | Max immersion
Memory recall | Microprocessor Driven | Panel lock
Microprocessor driven | Shear and friction protection | Cable management
Temperature management | For sensitive skin | CPR
High MVP Rate | Mattress Replacement | Durable material
Quick connect coupling | Multiple coverlet material option | Dartex coverlet
Infection control | Easy cleaning | True low air loss

Click here for a TheraFlo AP Pump Brochure pdf

Click here fora TheraFlo AP Mattress Brochure pdf

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