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Entrix Alternating Pressure

Value for money for medium risk patients as an overlay or a mattress replacement system.
See the NEW Entrix NX, SWL 180kg

Entrix Alternating Pressure Care

Entrix 5 Overlay

Entrix 7 Mattress Replacement

The Entrix Pump now supports 5 alternating mattress options, reducing staff training as one pump provides a number of pressure care solutions.

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Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Overlay

RISK: Low to medium SWL: 150kg

Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Pump

Power Unit

Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Pump Panel

Power Unit Control Panel

Quick release coupleing for fast patient transfer mode
Quick release coupling; easy connection between power unit and mattress for fast patient transferring.

Integrated air filter for system durability enhancement
Integrated air filter for
system durability enhancement

Replaceable air cells
Mirco ventilated air cells: 5" individual replaceable air cells with air ventilation from shoulder to waist.

Fast deflation CPR facility
Fast deflation CPR facility

Simple but powerful, the Carilex Entrix is a cost effective therapy support surface that offers a combination of dynamic and static modes to meet individual patient’s need. Working with the state-of-the-art IPS technology, Entrix’s intelligent pressure monitoring system keeps an eye on the mattress 24 hours a day, ensuring the patient receives pressure relief or pressure redistribution at all times. Adjustable weight settings for different body types, low pressure alert in case of abnormal pressure drop or power failure and Two Directional Stretch Textile for durability and comfort. Entrix is the perfect example of affordable quality, it provides all the essential features needed for optimal therapy and much more. It is the best wound care solution for low to medium risk patients, and most suitable for hospital, homecare and nursing home environments.

The Entrix Power Unit

Dual ability

offers both Alternating Pressure and Static modes to meet individual patient needs.

Adjustable weight

adjusts the cells internal pressure according to the patient weight.

Intelligent Pressure Sensing (I.P.S.) technology

The IPS Technology, Intelligent Pressure Sensing Technology, responds to patient movements on mattress by automatically adjusting internal mattress pressure, which allows Entrix to regulate airflow and continuously provide total envelopment for our patients. Carilex is the first brand in the industry to master IPS. This gives us more experience and vast knowledge in the technology that is years ahead of our competitors.

Low pressure alert(Audio & Visual)

Audible and visible alert to notify when abnormal internal pressure ⁄ power failure occurs.

Memory recall

Restores to the previous systems automatically after abnormal power outage.

Energy efficiency

uses less than half the power of a 25 watt light bulb.


easy to use and easy to clean.

Product Codes
APO–EN–5–82 (Narrow) 82cm x 200cm Entrix 5
5" cells
APO–EN–5 (Single) 90cm x 200cm Entrix 5
5" cells
APO–EN–5–XL (King) 107cm x 200cm Entrix 5
5" cells
ARTG Number overlay 222486
APR–EN–7 (Single) 90cm x 200cm Entrix 7
5" cells, 2" foam base
APR–EN–7–XL–100 (Euro King) 100cm x 200cm Entrix 7
5" cells, 2" foam base
APR–EN–7–XL (King) 107cm x 200cm Entrix 7
5" cells, 2" foam base
ARTG Number mattress 222487
Warranty 2 years

The Entrix Overlay ⁄ Mattress

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Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Overlay

The Carilex Entrix Mattress Overlay System is designed to facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum tissue pressure redistribution and relief for treating and preventing pressure injuries. It is the ideal therapy system providing low noise level and comfortable modular cell design for superior sleeping quality.

Sixteen 5–inch high air cells

for maximum pressure redistribution and therapy.

Built in 2–inches of foam (Entrix 7 only)

no need for a separate mattress, easier for care staff to make beds, lower overall mattress height.

Micro–ventilated air cells

for excellent air circulation and provides optimal patient temperature regulation from patient shoulder to waist.

Two-way Stretch Coverlet

High quality washable, two-way stretch, shear force reduction, while providing excellent moisture permeability.

Weight capacity

for patients up to 150kg.

Quick release CPR

rapidly deflates all cells in seconds in case of an emergency.

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Cable Management

Cable management

channels are attached to the mattress to keep power cords ⁄ tubing safely off the floor to keep residents and staff safe.

email Click here to enquire about the APR–EN–5 Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Overlay.

email Click here to enquire about the APR–EN–7 Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Mattress.

Product Specifications

The Entrix Power Unit

Control Interface Dimensions
Unit Weight Hose Connection Type Static Transfer Function
Digital 295x225x120 2.5kg Fast release Tick
Low Pressure Alarm Power Failure Alarm Power Input Power Consumption Power Unit Material
Audible and visual Tick AC220–240V ⁄ 50Hz
AC100–120V ⁄ 60Hz
Max. 15W ABS fire retardant UL

The MedexCare Mattress

Alternation Time Number of Cells Static Head Cells
2000x820x130 (Narrow)
2000x900x130 (Single)
2000x1070x130 (King)
2000x900x180 (Single)
2000x1000x180 (Euro King)
2000x1070x180 (King)
15, 20, 25, 30 minutes 16 Tick
CPR Function Mattress Cell Material Coverlet Material Weight Max. Capacity
CPR Pull Tag 100% nylon with TPU lamination Poly with PU backing, 2–way stretch & waterproof 5kg 150kg

Click here for Brochure for Entrix 5pdf

Click here for Brochure for Entrix 7pdf

Click here for Manual for Entrixpdf

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