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Entrix Spare Parts

Value for money for medium risk patients as an overlay or a mattress replacement system.

Spare Parts for Entrix Alternating Pressure Care Systems

Image Description Part Number
Bottom Case Set
Bottom Case Set S-LTC-P02-36002-10
Top Case Set
Top Case Set S-LTC-P01-36005-10
Side Panel Set
Side Panel Set S-LTC-P03-36002-10
Hanging Hooks Set
Hanging Hooks Set S-LTC-P09-36001-10
Compressor Set
Compressor Set S-LTC-P05-36002-10
Transformer Set
Transformer Set S-LTC-P08-00003-10
Rotor Valve & Motor Gear Box Set
Rotor Valve & Motor Gear Box Set S-LTC-P06-36002-10
Battery Set
Battery Set S-LTC-P10-00001-10
Power PCB Set
Power PCB Set S-LTC-P1-3X001-12
Control PCB Set
Control PCB Set S-LTC-P04-36003-10
Silicon connecting Tube Set
Silicon connecting Tube Set S-LTC-P07-36001-10
Air Filter
Air Filter 6B0-1430-000
Power Cord
Power Cord 717-328E-020
Control Panel Sticker
Control Panel Sticker 62N-1S36-675
CPR Set C-LTC-M01-00006-13
Air Cell-Non Ventilated
Air Cell-Non Ventilated 162-0330-0710
Air Cell Ventilated
Air Cell Ventilated 162-1331-5710
Connecting Hose Set
Connecting Hose Set S-LTC-M02-00005-10
Mattress Base Set
Mattress Base Set 161-1080-01200
Coupling Set
Coupling Set S-LTC-M05-00001-10

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