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Entrapment Coverlet

Coverlet safeguards patient’s position in bed.

Entrapment Coverlet

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Entrapment Coverlet

Entrapment Coverlet is an easy–to–use coverlet that can be placed on top of any anti–decubitus mattress systems. Without the need to use side rails, Entrapment Coverlet is able to safeguard patient’s position in bed, and prevent patient fall and entrapment between the side rail and the mattress. It is an ideal coverlet that provides patient comforts, as well as securing patient safety at the same time.

Product Features:

  • Smooth and slippery material will prevent friction, shear, and damage to patient’s skin.
  • Simple installation that can attach the coverlet to bed frame with fastening straps on each side.
  • Fits most standard size mattresses.
  • Easy to clean with removable side foam insert.
  • Removable heel protection that helps positioning patient’s feet.
  • High quality water proof and high MVP transmission rate.
  • Breathable top cover that can be used over Low Air Loss and Alternating pressure mattress systems.
  • Easy patient transfer with mid–section openings.
  • Effectively prevents patient falls without the concern for the dangers of using side rails.

Coverlet Coverlet Coverlet Coverlet

1 Easy patient transfer with mid-section openings

2 Removable heel protection that helps positioning patient’s feet

3 Effectively prevent patient fall without concerning about the dangers of using the side rails

4 Buckle fasten to the bed frame to prevent the mattress slippage

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Product Specifications

Model code Dimensions (LxWxHmm) Material
BTC–EN–1 2000x950x33 (Elastic Foam height included) Coverlet: 100 % nylon with PU backing

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