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Libra Partner Care Bed

A flexible solution for couples.

Libra Partner Bed

Libra partner The double bed for a fulfilled partnership in older age

When couples move into a care home or find a new partner there, the question arises of whether to sleep together or separately. With the Libra partner, you have a flexible solution in every situation. The double bed meets every care requirement just as expertly as the Libra single beds. At the same time, it offers the flexibility to easily separate its two halves and place them, for example, on opposite walls of the room. The couple’s personal wishes can therefore be taken into account as well as any medical indications that call for spatial separation at night.

  • Large height adjustment range, approx. 25 to 80 cm, for fall prevention and back-friendly care

  • Safe working load of 225 kg per mattress base

  • Thanks to Vario Safe, this care bed can be adapted continually to suit every personal preference (see video presentation).

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

    Libra with Vario Safe — the best solution for standard-compliant safety

    Install or remove split safety side as required

    • 2 elements with a length of 90 and 110 cm can be combined or used individually
    • Use of 110cm safety side element only at the head end offers standard-compliant protection
    • Use of the 90cm safety side element only at the head end provides a sense of safety and orientation while leaving enough room to get in and out of bed
    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

    Replacing or removing footboards

    • Without the footboard, easier access to the resident, e.g. for foot care
    • Option for high footboards to give a sense of security, or low footboards to offer an unobstructed view
    • Choice of attractive wood decors, fabric and synthetic leather

    Replace headboards in a matter of seconds

    • Homelike design variants, with or without handle bars
    • Choice of attractive wood decors, fabric and synthetic leather
    • Different colour designs possible for headboards and side panels


    Vario Safe
    For added flexibility and safety

    Beds with Vario Safe fulfil the changing safety needs of residents and their look can be adapted to fit any personal preference. The flexible safety side provides standard compliant protection without restricting the mobility of the person in need of care.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

    All Vario Safe elements are inserted in the bed frame and are attached with easy-to-operate fasteners.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

    Simply pull the fastener upward.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

    The fastener snaps into place securely — the element is attached.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

    To release the fastening, pull the orange protection and press the fastener down.

    Should you choose the Libra bed with split safety sides or without safety sides, you will enjoy our flexible Vario Safe system.

    The Vario Safe principle is as impressive as it is easy: The safety side elements, the headboard and footboard as well as side panels can be installed and removed without tools. They are fitted with easy to operate fasteners that snap into place securely and cannot be actuated by residents by mistake.

    The headboard, footboard and panels are also available with attractive fabric or synthetic leather upholstery.

    Beds with Vario Safe can be adjusted in a matter of minutes to the changing requirements of residents.

    Care facilities can order their beds in a basic version and add further parts at a later date.

  • A video showing Libra Partner Bed Functions

    The double bed for a fulfilling partnership in old age

    Libra Partner Bed

    Evocare — The Australian distributor for Stiegelmeyer

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Comfort and safety cleverly combined

Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

The two mattress bases can be adjusted individually so that both partners can sleep, read or watch television whenever they wish.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

A separate handset is available for both mattress bases.

The design of the Libra partner places great emphasis on providing individual comfort for both users and at the same time ensuring optimal protection. The backrest and leg rests of the two mattress bases can be adjusted individually to allow one person to read, for example, while the other is asleep. Each half of the bed has its own handset for this purpose.

The corpus of the bed, on the other hand, always moves synchronously during height adjustments and tilting. This prevents gaps occurring that users could become trapped in between the mattress bases.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

The two halves of the bed can easily be separated and put back together again — making bedside care possible from both sides of the bed.

  • The One-button for chair position is useful for meals in bed.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed


    Sitting position

    Electrically adjustable double beds are often little more than single beds placed next to each other but offering few functional options. The Libra partner, however, will convince you otherwise as it is one of only a few models that can tilt to provide a comfortable sitting position. This facilitates breathing as well as taking meals in bed and promotes an active everyday life at eye level with other people.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

The Libra partner lets you enjoy all the advantages of the Vario Safe system. You can replace headboards, footboards and panels fitted with upholstered and wood decors whenever you wish or add safety sides any time. The bed evolves with the user’s changing needs and tastes.

  • Home comfort with added support.


    Home comfort with added support

    Adapt the Libra partner to suit the needs and tastes of your residents.

    • Many homelike wood decors
    • Optional fixed upholstery with attractive easy-care fabrics and faux leathers
    • Choice of 2 footboards: the low-height Nobla mala for an unobstructed view all round and the medium-height Nobla reha for added protection
    • Side panels and split safety sides can be combined wherever needed
    Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

     ⥢ When fully upholstered, the Libra partner looks like a stylish designer bed.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

     ⥢  Safety sides at the head end provide protection and orientation without restricting the user’s freedom.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Partner Bed

     ⥢  The higher Nobla reha footboard affords extra protection when the mattress base, for instance, tilts to a reverse-Trendelenburg position.

  • Libra Partner Bed external dimensions.

    External dimensions/height adjustment range:

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed hand control

  • Technical data, equipment and options

  • Information on Stiegelmeyer Accessories

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