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Elvido Nursing Care Beds

Stiegelmeyer’s versatile care bed.


Stiegelmeyer Elvido Care Bed

Stiegelmeyer Elvido combines comfort and safety with innovative features

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed

Low-height bed to meet exacting demands

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed

With a quilting of fabric or imitation leather, the head and foot sections can be made even more homely.

Key Points of Interest

  • The current generation of Elvido care bed series strives with every detail to relieve the burden on care staff and to improve the quality of life for residents. The focus is on digital innovations such as the new Out-of-Bed systems and a modular design that transforms each individual bed into a customised bed of choice.

  • The elegant, homelike style of the Elvido beds ensures the residents’ well-being and helps them feel at home. The Elvido bed is very durable (25 year life cycle) and has very low maintenance costs.

  • The Elvido bed only utilises auto-retraction of the backrest that swings up and back when the bed profiles. This minimises user migration down the bed during use of the chair position.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe   Thanks to Vario Safe, this care bed can be adapted continually to suit every personal preference (see video presentation).

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

Elvido with Vario Safe —
the best solution for standard-compliant safety

Modular design and adaptable without tools

Attach or remove split safety side as required

  • 2 elements with a length of 90 and 110 cm can be freely combined or used separately.
  • Use of 110cm safety side element only at the head end provides standard-compliant protection.
  • Use of the 90cm safety side element only at the head end gives a feeling of security and orientation. It leaves plenty of room for getting in and out of bed.
Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

Replace or remove footboards as you wish

  • Removable headboard for better access to the resident, e.g. for foot care
  • Choice of high footboards for an increased feeling of well-being, or low footboards to offer an unobstructed free view
  • Attractive wood decors, fabric and imitation leather options

Exchange headboards in seconds according to requirements

  • Different homelike designs, with or without handles
  • Attractive wood decors, fabric and imitation leather options
  • Headboards, footboards and side panels can be in different colours


With Vario Safe more flexibility and safety

Beds with Vario Safe fulfil the changing safety needs of residents and their look can be adapted to fit any personal preference. The flexible safety side provides standard compliant protection without restricting the mobility of the person in need of care.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

All Vario Safe elements are inserted into the bed frame and secured with easy to use locking devices.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

Simply pull the fastener upward.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

The fastener snaps into place securely — the element is attached.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

To release the fastening again, pull the orange safety catch toward you and press the locking device down.

Choose the Elvido with the split safety side or without a safety side and benefit from our flexible Vario Safe system. The Vario Safe principle is as simple as it is impressive: The safety side elements, headboards, footboards and side panels can be attached and removed without tools. This is possible thanks to easy-to-use fasteners that snap into place securely and cannot be accidentally operated by the resident.

Headboards and footboards can be delivered on request with attractive fabric or imitation leather upholstery. Beds with Vario Safe can be adapted to the changing needs of residents in just a few minutes.

On request, nursing homes can order their beds in a basic version and add further parts at a later date.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

A video showing Libra Vario Safe

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe

See the Vario Safe Brochure pdf

A unique safe 24 Volt DC Linak drive system is standard with the bed. Having the 240 volts isolated, away from the bed and only safe 24 Volts DC at the bed ensures a safer environment for residents and maintenance staff.

Energy-saving and safe — Modern drive systems


Strong advantages
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed
  • Safety extra-low voltage starting from the transformer at the power socket
  • No 230-volt components on the bed
  • The optional rechargeable battery makes the care bed independent of the mains power supply in an emergency
  • High degree of safety for residents

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed

The external transformer unit produces a safe extra-low voltage directly at the power socket.

A high level of safety, significantly reduced electricity costs and effortless operation: The optional 24-volt system is an attractive choice for the Elvido bed.

A transformer plug supplies a 24-volt safety extra-low voltage directly at the power socket. There are therefore no components carrying 230 volts anywhere in the vicinity of the resident, which means that he or she enjoys a higher level of safety.

Power consumption drops by up to 93%. There is a floor-mounted power pack available to use the 24-volt system with international mains plugs.

The Elvido is equipped with a reliable 230-volt drive system as standard. With matching selectable mains plugs, it is therefore ready for international use wherever it is needed.

Always the right height — The lowest bed height is 25cm (suitable for Falls-risk clients) and the highest bed height is 80cm (ensuring that nurses of different heights are not compromising their backs)

Mobilisation & ergonomics —
Relieving the strain on caregivers every day

Back pain is one of the biggest problems in the care profession – as many as two thirds of caregiver suffer from it, according to surveys. This makes it even more important to be able to work in an upright position in many situations, in a way that is easy on the back. The maximum height of the Elvido beds of up to 85 cm is a great help here, as are the modular, removable elements that allow easy access to the resident. The bed is also designed with many mobilisation aids that make it easier for residents to get up without assistance.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed low

With its lowest position of approx. 25cm, the Elvido bed supports efficient fall prevention without restricting the mobility of the resident.

With their large, stepless height adjustment range, the Elvido range beds assist residents and carers alike. Falls can never be prevented with absolute certainty, but, particularly with the low-height Elvido vervo bed, the risk of injury at the lowest position is significantly reduced.

This often means that liberty-restricting measures such as restraint systems or full-length safety sides can be dispensed with as a result.

The optimal ergonomic height for getting in and out of bed can be adjusted as required using the handset. For many people, this is below 40 cm — the feet then make good contact with the floor and the proprioreceptors are stimulated. At the maximum height of approximately 80 cm, care staff can work with a straight back and thus protect their health.


Infinitely adjustable
  • Effortless adjustment to the best ergonomic position for getting in and out of bed with the handset
  • Easier mobilisation of residents
  • Back-friendly working with the bed maintains the health of the nursing staff
  • Fall prevention without the use of deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS)

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed no damage sides

If an object is in the way when the bed is lowered, the split safety side gives way flexibly.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Footboard Removed

You can remove or replace head and foot sections at any time without tools using the Vario-Safe system.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Height

The large height-adjustment range allows care staff to work without putting strain on their backs.

The benefits of a comfortable armchair position.

Comfort and mattress bases With the joie de vivre of a hotel room

Elvido is designed to make those in need of care feel safe and secure. One of its main features that make it so is the precise way it can be adjusted to meet every individual need. Sitting in a comfortable position to watch TV or talking to another person at eye level — this, and more, is possible with Elvido. Elvido can be brought into a reverse-Trendelenburg position of up to 16°, its backrest raised to up to 70° and the thigh rest raised to up to 40°, which means that it can easily be transformed into a comfortable armchair.

The benefit of the armchair position

In addition to assisting in the prevention of pressure areas, it also reduces the manual handling for both the resident and staff (reducing the risk of injury).

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed chair position
  • Assistance in the prevention of pressure areas (plus other health benefits),
  • Injury prevention for both the resident and staff (less manual handling),
  • Allows the resident to move from a lying position to a seated position without needing to be transferred,
  • Allows the resident to sit up and interact with their environment.

This makes it much easier for residents to join in with everyday activities. With an optional handset Libra can also be brought into a Trendelenburg position whenever necessary.

The Elvido hygiene mattress base, supplied as standard (High SWL: 225kg).

Mattress bases The basis for healthy and restful sleep

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed hygiene base

The hygiene mattress base is easy to remove and thoroughly clean by hand.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed hygiene base

The standard hygiene mattress base — for a healthy microclimate and thorough cleaning.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed comfort base

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed comfort base

The optional comfort mattress base — flexibly supported base components with pivot springs.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed hygiene base

If the use of patient restraints is unavoidable, the cut-outs in the hygiene mattress base can be used for securing belts.

Healthy and restful sleep

The Elvido hygiene mattress base, supplied as standard, makes thorough bed reprocessing particularly easy. Deep venting slits in the polypropylene promote a healthy microclimate in the bed and beneficial sleep. All types of special mattress can usually be used without an underlay mattress, so that the safety sides are still high enough to ensure proper protection.

There is also a comfort mattress base available, which has even better characteristics. This comprises 30 flexibly supported basecomponents with 80 pivot springs of varying stiffness. The comfort mattress base adjusts exactly to the contours of the body and improves the pressure-reducing effect of the mattress. The comfort mattress base is slightly higher than traditional models, so you will need to check whether the protection height of the safety sides is sufficient in combination with your mattress.

Elvido’s mattress base extension, improves the comfort of tall residents.

Bed extension
More room and comfort for residents in just a few easy steps

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed extension

The gap can be closed with filler pieces, if desired.

If the bed does not have safety sides along the entire length, then the integrated bed extension can be used without any further accessories. The gap in the side panels at the foot end is standard-compliant.

The user-friendly bed extension for the Elvido range improves the comfort of tall residents. All of the models are equipped with an integrated 20 cm extension of the bed frame as standard. If the bed has no safety sides or has safety sides only at the head end, this extension can be used, whenever required, without any further fittings. If safety sides are needed along the entire length of the bed, longer bars can be supplied.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed boldter extension

A mattress piece, which remains fixed in position, can be inserted when the mattress base is extended.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed extend pieces

The lower leg rest extension can be hooked into place, without needing to use tools. A corresponding mattress piece is available.

The optional telescopic bed extension is even more convenient. This allows the bed frame, safety side bars and side panels to be easily extended without using any tools.

We offer two options for extending the mattress base. The first is a mattress piece that always remains securely fixed in its position at the foot end. The second is an extension of the lower leg rest, which moves with the leg rest when adjustments are made. This allows even tall people to use the bed in a health-promoting position with the legs raised.

Connect Manoeuvrability Height Trendelenburg LCD Extension
Werdenfels 24 Volt Heavy Duty Comfort Low  

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vero Care Bed
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Vario Safe

Elvido vervo

  • Height adjustment:
  • 25 – 80 cm

  • Fall prevention:
  • – Low-height bed for protection without liberty-depriving measures
  • – OpenBus technology for installing the Out-of-Bed system
  • – Follows the Werdenfels approach

  • Safe working load:  225 kg
More Information on the Standard model Information
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Forto Care Bed

Elvido forto

  • Height adjustment:
  • 30 – 85 cm

  • Safe working load:
    260 kg for heavy residents

  • Mattress base width:
    100 cm

  • Castors (covered):
    125 mm castors, 32 mm wide, central locking
More Information on the bariatric model Information

Elvido’s chassis cover, matches the decor colour of the bed.

Chassis with harmonious lines

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed chassis cover

The optional cover matches the decor colour of the bed.

The customisable wooden surround and the chassis give the Elvido range beds a cosy feel. The ends of its longitudinal struts are fitted with four plastic covers as standard. With their silver-grey colour, they exactly match the tone of the chassis. The covers encase mechanical parts and make the lines of the bed more harmonious. Additionally, the smoother surface can be cleaned even more easily and thoroughly. If required, the plastic elements can be removed without the use of tools.

Upon request, more complete covering is available. The two plastic elements cover the entire front faces of the chassis and can be supplied in many homelike wood decor colours. Those who only need a covering for the headboard or the footboard can also just order a single element. The decor cover conceals the technical parts of the care bed, giving it a particularly homelike appearance. It is also easy to clean and remove.


Attractive colours to choose from

Stiegelmeyer Lingberg Oak

 Lindberg Oak

Stiegelmeyer Oak Cinnamon

 Style Oak Cinnamon

Stiegelmeyer Havana Cherry

 Havana Cherry

Stiegelmeyer Natural Beech

 Natural Beech

Stiegelmeyer Chalk


Stiegelmeyer Silver Grey

 Silver Grey

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed end cover

Four plastic covers conceal the ends of the longitudinal struts as standard.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Vario Safe Head and Foot Boards

Elvido’s decors, attractive forms and shapes.

Headboards, footboards and decors
A feeling of home whatever your interior design

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed chassis cover

Further information can be found in link below:

Straight, curved, or with a handle bar — attractive forms and shapes are available for the headboards and footboards of the Elvido beds. Various home-like wood decors adapt every bed ideally to suit its surroundings. Residents will soon feel at home in their beds.

Stiegelmeyer headboards footboards and decors

Stiegelmeyer Bed Vario Safe Decors

Elvido — Innovative operating concept

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed

Elvido is with operated using one of a selection of handsets.

Flexible operating concept
Handset to accomodate requirements

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed

To satisfy different preferences, there is a choice between the standard illuminated handset HB400 or the optional LCD handset with an illuminated display and 3 buttons.

The Elvido is operated using one of a selection of handsets. Simple, self-explanatory operation of the bed with the handset is helpful in more than one way. Caregivers need to keep track and maintain control even in tense situations. Even with limited abilities, residents should be able to make simple adjustments themselves in order to enjoy greater comfort and take the burden off caregivers.

The standard handset displays all the adjustment positions with simple pictograms. The button rows can be selectively locked. A separate Trendelenburg handset is available for quickly moving the bed into the Trendelenburg position; this ensures that the resident cannot mistake this function for the reverse-Trendelenburg position.


Illuminated handset HB400
  • 6 rows of buttons with intuitive symbols
  • Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg functions are integrated
  • Frame around buttons for easy identification
  • Illuminated at night
  • LED indicates locked status of each function
  • Unlocking using magnet on bed — no loose parts

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed hand lcd

The optional LCD handset shows the adjustment functions on a large illuminated display. The arrow keys make it easy to select and activate the desired option. Caregivers can temporarily open all locked functions and adjust the bed as required.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed hand control

The buttons on the HB400 handset are clearly identifiable, day and night, with a transparent black border during the day, and pleasant lighting at night. The Trendelenburg function is integrated and does not require an additional handset. All options for the resident can be locked selectively.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido out of bed handset

If an Out-of-Bed smart system was chosen, the bed will be equipped with an additional handset. The Out-of-Bed handset is used to activate the system and to set the alert time as well as additional functions such as the automatic light system.

The 3-stage telescopic safety sides are the ideal balance between protection and freedom.

Split safety sides — Individual safety in every function


Standard-compliant protection
  • In a mattress base measuring 200 cm, the split safety side on each side consists of a 110 cm and a 90cm long element.
  • These elements can be used interchangeably at the head and foot ends.
  • If the 110 cm element is attached at the head end, it covers more than 50% of the mattress base and is therefore also a standard-compliant safety side on its own.
  • The 90 cm element does not offer standardcompliant protection, but it provides support and plenty of room to get in and out of bed.
  • If the bed extension is used, two 110 cm elements can be attached.

The Vario Safe system is available with the Elvido for the split safety side. This enables very precise settings to be made that are closely tailored to the changing needs of the resident.

The individual elements of the split safety side can be raised in two stages. In the first stage, they provide the occupant with support and orientation, and in the second stage, they provide reliable protection. A diagonal position also ensures a good feeling of safety. If the patient is able to leave the bed whenever they like, we recommend only raising the safety sides at the head end. In this case, the foot-end elements can also be removed and replaced by homelike panels. The streamlined wood-metal appearance of the safety side ensures excellent hygiene properties.

The split safety side can be raised and locked securely into place in one easy movement. The elements are lowered again by pressing the release buttons under the bars.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido low safety side

If an object is in the way when the bed is lowered, the split safety side gives way flexibly.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido safety side button

Simply press the button to lower the safety side.


Vario Safe — flexibility for everyday care

Everybody is talking about adaptable care beds — our Vario-Safe system provides you with the best and most sophisticated solution. Here is a list of all the advantages:

Headboards and footboards

Combine a wide range of attractive designs, wood decors and fabrics — attachable in seconds.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed head and foot boards


Cheerful panels in a wood or upholstered look can be fitted instead of the individual safety side elements.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed panels

Safety sides

The split safety side enables standard-compliant protection without restricting the resident’s mobility.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed safety sides

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Split Safety Sides

Safety sides can be freely combined 110 ⁄ 90 or 90 ⁄ 110.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed Split Safety Sides

The 90 cm element provides support. All elements can be raised in two stages.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed 110 Split Safety Sides

The 110 cm element also provides standard-compliant protection when used on its own at the head end.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed both Split Safety Sides

Raising the safety side diagonally gives the resident a feeling of safety and orientation.

Out-of-Bed smart — a modern solution

Digital assistance systems

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed ehelp

A visual & acoustic signal is also activated in the care room. If the resident leaves the bed, the system notifies the care staff via a signal light in the corridor, for example, or an acoustic alarm in the duty room.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed out of bed handset

The optional Out-of-Bed system supports the work of caregivers, particularly at night. It reports, for example, if a resident hasn’t returned to bed within a selected time after a visit to the toilet.

If desired, the under bed light and the reading lamp can be set to turn on even if the resident merely sits up — this ensures safe orientation.

The Out-of-Bed system can be operated very easily with a handset.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed out of bed scenario


The Out-of-Bed system

  • Notifies caregivers after a preset time interval (selected on the handset)
  • Signal to the in-house call system
  • Automatic lighting, with reading lamp and under bed light
  • Ultramodern sensors avoid false alarms

The resident leaves his or her bed and, in doing so, triggers the visual signalling process

Visual signal in the care room

Visual signal in the corridor

A visual and acoustic signal is activated in the care room

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed out of bed scenario
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed ehelp scenario

Strong advantages

  • Large height adjustment range, approx. 25 to 80 cm, for fall prevention and back-friendly care.
  • Linak drive system with 24 Volt power saving technology, live 240 Volt components are outside the bed.
  • Selectively locking handset with locking of individual functions.
  • Optional split safety sides for individual protection in any situation.
  • If a telescopic split safety side or no safety side is configured, the Vario Safe system allows for quick removal of safety side elements, headboards and footboards and panels.
  • Easily removable hygiene mattress base in 2 sizes; 90 x 200cm or 100 x 200cm.
  • Sit-up — chair — position.
  • High safe working load of 225 kg.
  • The double 50mm castors with 2 by 2 locking.
  • Homelike appearance thanks to a choice of headboards and footboards, wood decors and upholstery.
  • Clearance gap is sufficient to accommodate standard patient hoists up 130cm wide.


Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed underbed light


Elvido — the safety standards*
  • EN 14971 Risk assessment for medical devices
  • EN 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment, general requirements for safety
  • EN 60601-1-1 Electromagnetic compatibility
  • DIN EN 60601-2-52 Medical electrical equipment

* Safety recommendation by German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM)

Accessories — Design your ideal bed

Accessories — Tailoring the Elvido to your taste

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed underbed light

The optional out-of-bed system supports the work of care staff, particularly at night. It reports, for example, if a resident does not return to bed after using the toilet.

Additional products can be found in our accessories link below.


The spacer
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed spacer

Wall spacers prevent damage due to collisions with furniture and power sockets when manoeuvring the bed

  • Many different models to choose from
  • Buffer absorbs the shock
  • Optional discs distribute the pressure even more uniformly — ideal for lightweight wall constructions
  • Dimensions to suit your bed
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed spacer
Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed lamp

 ⥣  The Sola reading lamp radiates a pleasant light and generates very little heat.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido pole grip

 ⥣  The patient lifting pole helps the resident get comfortably positioned in bed.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido split safety side cover

 ⥢  The elements of the split safety sides can be covered separately.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Bed linen holder

 ⥢  The linen holder is particularly practical when making beds.

More innovative and versatile accessories
Intelligent solutions for enhanced comfort and safety.

A video showing Bed Functions

External dimensions ⁄ height adjustment range:

Elvido vervo bed dimensions

Elvido vervo Care Bed dimensions

Technical data, equipment and options

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