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Evario Hospital Bed

The hospital bed for all environments

Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

Key Points in brief

  • The hospital bed that meets every requirement (see video)

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

    Hospital beds are expected to meet an extremely broad range of requirements. The tasks they are faced with in the various hospital units are so wide-ranging that you could be forgiven for thinking that the answer is to use a variety of special-purpose models. But wouldn’t it be easier and more user-friendly, as well as more cost-effective, to have one model of bed that would meet every need? This is precisely the approach followed by the Evario from Stiegelmeyer.

    Its intelligent modular system makes the Evario equally at home in any hospital unit. A variety of control options, safety side systems, castors and head and footboards are brought together to form a practical and attractively versatile hospital bed which addresses individual requirements while still providing excellent value for money.

    The Evario goes a long way to facilitating the work of nursing staff with its effortless use. Its planar design and its optional machine washability contribute to its excellent hygiene characteristics. These support hospitals in the fight against multi-resistant germs.

  • Integrated control panel, in Protega safety sides

    The control panel which is integrated into the Protega safety sides on both sides offers ideal options as well as practical pre-set positions for all users inside and outside the bed.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Evario hospital bed backlit display

    The pleasantly backlit controls enhance safety even in the dark, while the bed’s preset treatment positions considerably simplify nurses’ work.

mouseover images for larger view

Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

¾ safety side

Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed
Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

Protega safety sides

  • LCD handset — 3 buttons, intuitively operated

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

    The LCD handset can be intuitively operated with only 3 buttons. It contains control levels for patients, care staff and technicians.

  • Retracting back rest for ergonomic positioning

    Libra bed utilises an auto-regression backrest that swings up and back as the bed profiles, providing the client with further space for ergonomic positioning.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

    The thigh rest is not regressed by design as it leads to the tendency for the client to slide down the bed, resulting in shear and friction forces. Minimising such forces helps to prevent pressure ulcer formation. In addition, staff injuries are reduced as repositioning the client can cause back injuries of the care staff.

  • Secure grip — rails on safety sides

    The hand rails along the safety sides provide the patient with a secure grip. The hand rails along the head and footboards facilitate manoeuvring of the bed.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed
  • Protega safety sides (see video)

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

    The head section of the split safety sides follows the movement of the mattress base and offers optimum protection with a height of 41cm.

    Evario Protega safety side

  • Large height adjustment range

    The height adjustment range from low 32cm up to 91cm protects the patient from fall related injuries and enables the carer to work at a back-friendly ergonomic height.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

  • Collision protection — wall deflection rollers

    Wall buffer cones and a choice of effective wall deflection rollers protect the bed and the room’s furniture against damages.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed
  • Hygienic mattress bases

    The available mattress bases offer high comfort and are easy to clean and disinfect – including in automatic washing systems.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Hygiene Base
    • Made of polypropylene
    • Sections can be removed separately
    • Modern design
    • Optionally with slots for belt systems
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Plastic Base
    • Made of HPL
    • Sections can be removed separately, optionally secured in place to prevent removal
    • With slots for belt systems
    • Ideal for automated reprocessing
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Mesh Base
    • Made of steel
    • Particularly sturdy and durable
    • Sections secured in place or separately removable
    • Ideal for automated reprocessing
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Radiolucent backrest
    • All-plastic (HPL) radiolucent backrest material
      Remaining parts consist of hygiene mattress base made of polypropylene
    • Patient can be x-rayed without being relocated
    • Including cassette holder
    Evario hospital bed cpr
    • In an emergency, the CPR position can be set instantly with a lever on the backrest.

  • 5th Castor — Easier for care staff to move the bed (see videos)

    Wheeling the bed is a challenge in narrow rooms and corridors. In principle, beds with both 4 and 5 castors can be moved without strain on the back by just one person when the directional castor is correctly used. The optional fifth castor, however, reduces the amount of force required and aids precise manoeuvring and so protects the bed and fixtures from collisions.

    Evario hospital bed move to position

     ⤊  The optional fifth castor makes it easier for care staff to move the bed.


    Advantages of the 5th castor
    Evario hospital bed 5th wheel

    If a bed with a patient lying in it rapidly turns a corner, high centrifugal forces can come into play. The fifth castor ensures that the Evario remains on track and prevents it from slipping sideways.

    In addition, the 5th castor provides high stability during patient transport, regardless of whether the nurse pushes the bed from the head or foot end. The ergonomic handle bars on the sturdy head and footboards provide added convenience when handling the beds. An easy to activate locking mechanism prevents the head or footboards from being inadvertently removed.

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icons icons icons icons icons icons icons icons icons

  • Evario — The bed that’s at home in any hospital unit (dimensions)

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed

    Its modular system makes the Evario a bed that adapts itself to very specific requirements. In the basic configuration, it is available with mattress base widths of 87 or 90 cm. The narrower version makes it easier to manoeuvre in confined spaces and narrow doorways.

    It allows such a variety of decors and forms to be combined that the design spectrum ranges from cosy stylishness to contemporary clean lines. Hospitals can therefore enhance the quality of their patient rooms with an individual appearance.

    • A high safe working load makes it equally suitable for heavier patients weighing up to 250 kg
    • Integrated 28 cm bed extension for tall people
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance due to large-surface design and good access to all components

    External dimensions/height adjustment range:
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed dimensions

  • Attractive and practical head and footboards (see video)

    The three Intercontinental, Stelo and Rondo head and footboards available to choose from are easy to clean. The bed can also be supplied with a fixed headboard on request, which does not move when height adjustments are made.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Stelo
    • For model variants with 87 cm and 90 cm widths, extra wide, extra long and with scales
    • With sturdy stainless steel profiles
    • Headboard and footboard fully removable
    • Secured to prevent accidental removal
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Intercontinental
    • For model variants with 87 cm and 90 cm widths, extra long and with fixed headboard
    • Made of PP plastic
    • Headboard and footboard fully removable
    • Particularly easy to clean
    • Secured to prevent accidental removal
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Rondo
    • For model variants with 87 cm and 90 cm widths, extra long and with scales
    • With anodised aluminium profiles
    • Interchangeable edge protection profile at the sides
    • Headboard and footboard fully removable
    • Secured to prevent accidental removal
    Stiegelmeyer Evario Hospital Bed Fixed
    • Headboard fixed to the chassis, fully removable as for footboard
    • Stays in place while mattress base height is adjusted
    • Protection against collisions with room furnishings
    • Secured to prevent accidental removal
    • Only combinable with Intercontinental headboard ⁄ footboard
  • Headboards and decors — Stylish yet practical design

    Evario hospital bed head and foootboard decors

    Evario hospital bed base head and foootboard ⤊  Head and footboards can be freely combined with safety sides. It is possible, for example, to combine the classic Rondo headboard and footboard with the Protega safety side.

    Headboards and decors
    Stylish yet practical design

    Evario hospital bed

     ⇚  The Evario supports speedy recovery in day-to-day patient care, but is also suitable for intensive care.

    Evario hospital bed 3 quarter rails

     ⇚  The ¾ safety side is a sound alternative that is also easy to operate.

Evario hospital bed Protega
  • Protega safety side — Wing-shaped split safety side (see video)

    The Protega safety side is an alternative developed by Stiegelmeyer to provide a flexible response to patients’ needs. The wingshaped split safety side in high-strength plastic can optionally be raised at the head end only or along the whole length of the mattress base.
    This forms an orientation aid or provides the patient with full protection. The safety sides are ergonomically formed and pleasing to the touch. The planar design provides extensive protection from entrapment and allows easy and thorough cleaning.

    Evario hospital bed base protega lower

     ⤊  It only needs one hand to swing the safety side wings downwards in a quietly cushioned, power assisted motion so that they take up very little space along the side of the bed.

    Evario hospital bed base sitting up

     ⤊  Protega safety side elements at the head end move in tandem with any backrest adjustments and provide ideal protection even in a sitting position.

    • Approx. 41 cm protective height above the mattress base
    • Split safety side made from sturdy plastic
    • Easy power-assisted operation with damped movement
    • Extensive finger-trap-protection

Evario hospital bed 3quarter safety rails
  • ¾ safety side — Space-saving — one-hand operation (see video)

    Preventing patient falls from hospital beds is of the highest priority. At the same time, however, it is important to promote mobility and reduce the use of freedom-restricting measures. Evario’s safety side systems are the right choice for meeting these requirements. With their generous protective height of up to 41 cm, they also allow problem-free use of comfort mattresses, anti-decubitus mattresses and alternating pressure systems. The ¾ safety side protects a large proportion of the mattress base and so provides a high level of safety. It is also spacesaving, blends in discreetly and allows the patient an unobstructed view.

    Evario hospital bed 3 quarter button

     ⤊  Nursing staff can operate this safety side quickly and intuitively with just one hand.

    Evario hospital bed 3 quarter buffer

     ⤊  The ¾ safety side incorporates a wall buffer cone which protects the bed and furnishings from side-on collisions.

    • Approx. 39 cm protective height above the mattress base
    • Can be released and lowered quietly with one hand
    • Clear, unhindered view for the patient
    • Machine-washable version with edge protection

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Evario hospital bed integrated control
  • Integrated control panels — Intuitive bed control (see videos)

    Where the Evario is fitted with Protega safety sides, the bed can optionally be operated with innovative control units. These stylish flat panels are integrated in the safety sides on both sides of the bed.

    The panels give the patient four options for adjustment that are often used during the daily routine: adjusting the height of the bed, raising the backrest and thigh rest as well as changing from

    A lying position to a comfortable sitting position. This makes it easier for the patient to read, eat or get up, and thereby promotes the recovery process. The outward-facing side of the panel is designed with a large display which allows separate control levels to be selected for nurses and technical staff. In addition to normal adjustments, this can be used to select medically indicated positions such as a Trendelenburg position.

    Evario hospital bed control panel

     ⤋  The outward-facing panels offer additional options for nursing staff or technicians.

    Evario hospital bed 3 quarter buffer

    Evario Exterior control panel Evario Interior control panel Evario Exterior Control with technician

  • LCD handset — Easy operation with only 3 buttons (see videos)

    The stylish slimline LCD handset is attractive with its backlit display and only 3 buttons. Patients can select and use the bed’s adjustment options quickly and easily on the display. Functions locked by care staff are not visible for the patient. This intuitive operation makes it suitable for use even by people with restricted capabilities.

    Evario hospital bed handset

     ⤊  Nurses have greater control over the Evario at their operating level.

    Evario hospital bed handset

    To avoid inadvertent adjustments to the bed, the LCD handset has 3 separate control levels for patients, nursing staff and technical personnel. On their control level, nurses can lock certain adjustment options for patients but, with the EasyCare function, nurses can still use all the bed’s options themselves. The 3rd control level allows technicians to make useful settings for maintenance and error analysis.


    The handset is always ready to hand in a holder on the safety side. ⤋ 

    Evario hospital bed lcd
    Evario hospital bed lcd

     ⇚  Changing levels is easy with the help of an unlocking magnet.

    Evario hospital bed lcd holder

     ⇚  The handset is stowed safely in the linen holder.

    Evario hospital bed lcd clipon

     ⇚  The handset can simply be tilted over to one side when not in use.

    Evario LCD Control with nurse Evario LCD Control with patient Evario LCD Control with technician

  • Practical operating functions — Fast adjustment of the bed

    As a practical and positive aid for nursing staff, 3 preset backrest positions that are frequently needed in everyday care are provided. These can be selected at the touch of a button on the Evario control panel, which is close to the patient. The preset adjustment angles are 15°, 30° and 45°.

    Evario hospital bed back

     ⤊  An angle of 30° reduces brain pressure, relieves strain on the heart and facilitates breathing.

    Evario hospital bed chair

     ⤊  A cardiac chair position can also be set quickly using the display on the operating panel.

    Evario hospital bed back

     ⤊  An angle of 45° makes it easier to eat meals and converse with other people at eye level.


    Similarly to the LCD handset, the EasyCare function allows nurses to operate all bed adjustment options, even those that are locked for patients.


    EasyCare lightens the workload of nursing staff
    • The LCD handset offers three control levels for patients, nurses and technicians.
    • Nurses can lock and conceal certain adjustment functions for the patient.
    • With the EasyCare function, these adjustments can be made at nurse level without changing the locking status for the patient. This saves considerable time for nursing staff and also enhances safety.
    Evario hospital bed doctor Evario hospital bed panel


    Enabling the functions

    Evario hospital bed EasyCare

    Evario hospital bed EasyCare

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Evario hospital bed assistance

We develop customised solutions for your smart hospital

  • Digital assistance systems — provide security and relief

    Digital assistance systems are a modern solution for reducing liberty-depriving measures, protecting patients and at the same time supporting nursing staff, especially during night shifts. The focus here is on the Out-of-Bed system. A load sensor in the backrest registers when the patient gets up and initiates supportive measures:

    Evario hospital bed light

     ⤊  The Out-of-Bed system can switch on a glare-free under bed light.

    • Immediately switches on the under bed light for better orientation.
    • Notifies nurse after 4 selectable intervals of between 15 seconds and 15 minutes.
    • Visual or acoustic signals via the existing in-house call system.

    The Out-of-Bed system can be connected to the existing in-house call system. ⇛ 

    Evario hospital bed red light
    Evario hospital bed assistance

    Evario hospital bed nurse assistance

Evario hospital bed care
  • Benefits for nursing staff — Easy to operate

    Nurses are often faced with demanding physical and emotional situations during the daily hospital routine. The Evario brings relief to many situations with its intuitive ease of use. The many useful details about the Evario add up to a cohesive whole. Of particular note is the large height adjustment range of 32 to 91 cm — even tall nursing staff can work at a back-friendly hip-level height.

    The integrated 28 cm bed extension stands out with its ease of use. ⤋ 

    Evario hospital bed extension

    Evario hospital bed remove footboard

     ⤊  Faster access to the patient due to removable head and footboards.

  • Benefits for patients — Comfort and safety

    Evario hospital bed drinking tea

    The Evario’s great comfort and stylish good looks make it a hospital bed that you can feel at home in. Patients can regain strength and renewed confidence in this bed. This has a positive effect on the speed of their recovery.

     ⤊ The pleasantly backlit controls enhance safety even in the dark, while the bed’s preset treatment positions considerably simplify nurses’ work.

       Both the V-shaped opening  ⇛ 
    in the Protega and the slimline bars on the ¾ safety side afford an unobstructed view into the room or out of the window and prevent the patient from feeling constricted.  ⇛ 

    Evario hospital bed v in protega sides
    Evario hospital bed 3 quarter rail
    Evario hospital bed egress

     ⤊ The split Protega safety side and the handrails running all round the bed foster patient mobility. Patients can get up by themselves and have a handrail available all round to hold onto.

    Evario hospital bed assisted egress

     ⤊ When the patient ventures those first attempts at standing up and walking, the steady handrail provides a useful support and promotes mobilisation.

    At only 32 cm, the lowest position of the bed promotes fall prevention.    ⇛ 

    Evario hospital bed low

  • Evario Wide — 100cm wide version

    Evario hospital bed wide base

    A 100 cm wide version in combination with a 200 cm long mattress base is available on request. A bed extension is also possible at the same time. The bed’s high safe working load makes it equally suited to heavier patients up to 250 kg.

    icons icons icons icons Evario hospital bed wide base dimensions
    icons icons icons icons

  • Evario Extra Long — 210cm long version

    Evario hospital bed long bed

    Patients in general have become taller and heavier over a period of many years. Hospitals are now ideally prepared for this with the Evario. The mattress base has a length of 210 cm and can be extended to up to 228 cm.

    icons icons icons icons   Evario hospital bed wide base dimensions
    icons icons icons icons icons

  • Evario with scales — Integrated weighing system

    Evario hospital bed with scales

    ⤊  The weight is displayed on an easy-to-use handset with a 6cm backlit display and highly visible buttons.

    The Evario with scales meets the demanding requirements of an intensive care unit. The system offered by the integrated bed scales delivers precise readings and helps with diagnosis and the correct medication. The scales monitor the patient’s weight with an accuracy of 200 g.

    Auto-compensation allows staff to add or remove items from the bed without affecting the displayed weight of the patient. In addition to the weighing option, the new system is also optionally available with an integrated Out-of-Bed function. This automatically turns the under bed light on when the patient gets out of bed.

    The system can also be connected to the nurse call system (or in-house call system). Thanks to the weighing cells in the chassis, nursing staff are informed when a patient gets up and does not return to bed after a pre-defined period.

    The ergonomically designed handset can be attached to the main unit or safely stowed in the linen holder.  ⇛ 

    Evario hospital bed handset stow

    For hygienic reasons, the chassis is protected by an additional cover and therefore easier to clean.  ⇛ 

    Evario hospital bed with scales

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Evario hospital bed cost effective
  • Cost-effective benefits — due to high quality

    The Evario is a worthwhile investment that gives the hospital an outstanding value-for-money bed that saves costs in the long term. All components have been subjected to thorough testing, often far in excess of standard procedures, to ensure the bed has a long life cycle.

    Its intelligent design means that the Evario also excludes certain risks of damage right from the outset. The integrated control panel is extremely resistant to damage since it cannot be pulled out or fall off. And if a repair becomes necessary after all, the control panel can simply be removed without the need to dismantle the safety side.

    A versatile range of wall deflection rollers and wall buffer cones protects the bed and walls from damage.  ⤋ 

    The technician control level on the LCD handset and control panel provides useful settings for maintenance, error analysis and reset functions.  ⤋ 

    Evario hospital bed handset stow Evario hospital bed with scales

Stiegelmeyer Evario washing
Optimised for
  • Reliable Hygiene — Ideal for manual or automatic reprocessing

    Stiegelmeyer Evario wiping bed

    Multi-drug resistant superbug infections are a major challenge for every hospital. Shorter hospital stays and increased patient turnover make infection prevention even more challenging. Reliable bed hygiene plays a key role in combating this risk. The Evario is ideally designed for thorough cleaning and disinfection — both by hand as well as by optional machine washing.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario cleaning
    Stiegelmeyer Evario cleaning

    ⤊   The bed incorporates large smooth surfaces that do not allow dirt to settle unnoticed. Both the Intercontinental and Stelo models of head and footboard enhance these outstanding hygienic properties.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario cleaning

     ⇚  An ideal washing position is already preset on the handset and the control panel.

    Even the standard version designed for manual reprocessing is manufactured with protection category IPX6, and so offers the best possible conditions for cleaning. For the machine washable version, Stiegelmeyer has defined the extended protection category IPX6W (washable), which offers particularly good protection against moisture.

    Automated reprocessing provides operators of hospital beds with a strong weapon in the fight against dangerous superbugs. Even with the plastic Protega safety sides, the Evario is suitable for washing machines — a decisive advantage over comparable models.

  • Maintenance and servicing — Support for technical staff

    Stiegelmeyer Evario technician handset

    ⤊   The technician level of the LCD handset helps with inspections and maintenance.

    The safety, efficiency and ease of use of the Evario are also evident during inspections and maintenance. All electronic components have been placed so as to afford particular protection and yet make them easily accessible at all times.

    The control unit and the battery are located underneath the head end of the mattress base. For currentless operation, either a lead-gel battery or the powerful long-life lithium-ion battery are available. The latter enables a larger number of adjustment cycles and needs to be replaced less frequently.

    If a change of battery does become necessary, both batteries are easy to reach. Service technicians can carry out any necessary maintenance and repair work on these components in just a few easy steps.

    Stiegelmeyer Evario cleaning

     ⇚  An ideal washing position is already preset on the handset and the control panel.

  • Equipment and Options   ⤵   

  • Technical Specifications   ⤵   

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