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Technical data

Model variant Elvido vervo Elvido forto
Dimensions and weights    
External dimensions (depending on the wooden surround) approx. 100.3 x 211 cm approx. 110.3 x 211 cm
Mattress base (mattress dimensions) 90 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm* 100 x 200 cm*
Mattress base division (BR ⁄ seat part ⁄ TR ⁄ LR) approx. 85 ⁄ 15 ⁄ 40 ⁄ 60 cm approx. 85 ⁄ 15 ⁄ 40 ⁄ 60 cm
Backrest length compensation approx. 10 cm approx. 10 cm
Safe working load 225 kg 260 kg
Ground clearance approx. 15 cm approx. 15 cm
Total weight approx. 140 kg approx. 150 kg
Fully electric
Fully electric OpenBus technology
24-volt drive concept with external transformer o o
Electronic components    
LCD handset o o
Out-of-Bed system o o
Handset for tilting the head end down (Trendelenburg) o o
Safety side systems    
Split safety side with Vario Safe
Side panel without safety side o o
Protective height of safety sides 41 cm 41 cm
Mattress bases    
Mattress base with optimal anthropometric dimensions (85 ⁄ 15 ⁄ 40 ⁄ 60 cm)
Hygiene mattress base ✔ polypropylene, removable ✔ polypropylene, removable
Comfort mattress base (Not with 100 cm mattress base) o
Mattress base width 100 cm* o
Wire mesh mattress base
4-section mattress base ✔ electrically adjustable ✔ electrically adjustable
Mattress base tiltable to reverse-Trendelenburg position
Mattress base tiltable to Trendelenburg position o o
Castor ✔ double castor Ø 50 mm ✔ Cover castor Ø 125 mm
2x2 castor brakes
4 central locking castors o
Wall deflection systems    
Wall deflection roller, horizontally effective o o
Wall deflection roller, horizontally and vertically effective o o
Wall spacer on chassis o o
Adjustment ranges    
Height adjustment approx. 25 to 80 cm approx. 39 to 80 cm
Backrest adjustment to 70°
Thigh rest adjustment to 40°
Reverse-Trendelenburg position ✔ up to 14° ✔ up to 14°
Trendelenburg position with additional handset o up to 14° o up to 14°
Ground clearance for patient lift
Adapter sleeves at head end
Bed extension ✔ integrated ✔ integrated
Wood decors as shown in brochure ✔ Choose from Lito, Lito reha, Pino, Alero or Podego
Wood decors as shown in brochure
Argentum metal finish
Auto contour setting
Side panel behind the safety sides
Accessory equipment    
Under bed light o o
Adapter sleeves at foot end o o
Linen holder o o
Staining of wooden surround o o
Integrated light connection o o
Integrated battery o o
* Only with headboards: Alero, Pino, Lito, Lito reha and Podego             ✔ = Standard feature  o = Available as an option  – = Not available  

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