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Basano Floorline Bed

The low-height bed for optimal fall prevention.


Stiegelmeyer Basano Floor Level Bed

Stiegelmeyer Basano Floor Level Bed

Basano Bed Basano Bed

Basano Bed

The foot end can be lowered to create a comfortable sitting position for eating meals, conversing or watching TV.

Key Points of Interest

Nursing homes face major challenges when residents are at extreme risk of falling due to, for example, advanced dementia. In such cases, many establishments rely on the concept of floor-level care to prevent falls and maintain the residents’ freedom of movement.

The floor-level care bed for more protection, quality of life and relief for carers

Basano Bed

The ultra-low Basano bed solves these problems. It gives residents a safe, comfortable position in bed, close to the floor, and provides carers with the full support of a modern care bed – and with its attractive appearance, it enhances well-being on the ward and the public image of the establishment. Discover the many strengths of this low-height bed for yourself.

Optimal fall prevention and back-friendly care at the touch of a button.

The low-height bed for floor-level care and back-friendly working

The combination of preventing falls through floor-level care and working at a back-friendly waist height might appear to be a contradiction in terms. Some ultra-low beds, or even improvised solutions with mattresses on the floor, mean that carers have to maintain an exhausting, stooped posture. The Basano, with its height adjustment range from about 15cm to 80cm, meets these requirements. Residents enjoy maximum protection without measures that deprive them of their liberty, while caregivers receive the support of a fully equipped care bed.

The smart ultra-low bed with ideal standing-up and transfer height

Stiegelmeyer Basano Floor Level Bed

Compromise between protection and an unhindered desire for freedom. In the position close to the ground, the use of the safety side can often be dispensed with.

  • Height adjustment range: approx. 15cm to 80cm
  • High safe working load of 225 kg
  • All functions can be controlled with a handset
  • Auto-stop at approximately 38cm as an ideal position for standing (can be adjusted)

Stiegelmeyer Basano Transfer Height

An ideal position for standing up can be set thanks to the infinitely variable height adjustment.

Comfort — A care bed for every wish

The requirements of people in need of care changes over time, and a strong tendency to fall can also occur in phases or develop slowly. The Basano is an ultra-low bed and a normal care bed at the same time, that adapts to changing needs and different residents. Its infinitely variable height adjustment with an intermediate stop at approx. 38cm allows the user to stand up ergonomically. The comfortable sitting position facilitates taking meals in bed, supports breathing and reduces the risk of pulmonary aspiration.

Stiegelmeyer Basano safety sides

When using the optional bed extension, extension sets with longer bars and side panel infill pieces are available for both the combinable and the full-length safety side.

For tall residents, the optional integrated 20-cm bed extension creates plenty of space. It can be pulled out without tools. The extension set consisting of an infill piece for the mattress base, longer safety side bars and supplementary parts for the side panels ensures safety, comfort and cosiness.

Ergonomic height for providing care

Also the Basano Floorline Bed, supports relatives and carers with its maximum working height of 80cm and its electrically adjustable mattress base by providing all the advantages of a fully equipped care bed.

Basano Bed

Large height adjustment range of 15cm to 80cm  ⟰

At its highest maximum setting of 80cm, carers can work ergonomically at waist height. Their health will be protected, downtimes are reduced.  ⟱

Basano Bed

Basano Bed

To lower the bars of the combinable safety side, simply press the button on the centre support. When not required, the support itself can simply be removed and stored in a holder under the bed.  ⟰

Plastic caps protect the bars from damage and the ingress of dirt and liquid.  ⟱

Basano Bed

Protection with Easy Click


The Easy Click system

With the Easy Click system, the safety sides can be “clicked” on both sides onto pre-assembled brackets and removed again at any time, without the need for tools. The release mechanism is so securely concealed in the bracket that unintentional removal of the bars is very unlikely. For caregivers and technical staff, on the other hand, converting the bed becomes very easy. The plastic caps on the bars prevent open edges through which dirt and moisture could penetrate.

Full-length and combinable safety side

In the low position it is often not necessary to use safety sides. Nevertheless, they can give the resident an additional feeling of security and protect them when the bed is in a higher position. The innovative design of the Basano allows you to choose from two systems: full-length safety side for maximum fall prevention and split combinable safety side, which combines protection with unhindered entry and exit. As the name suggests, the combinable safety side can be combined with a full-length safety side on the other side of the bed. Its centre support also serves as a standing aid for the resident.

Basano Bed

  ⟰ Easy Click allows safety side bars to be attached to pre-assembled brackets without the need for tools.

Basano Bed

  ⟰With an easy-to-operate release mechanism on the headboard and footboard, the bars can be lowered using just one hand.

With the intelligent Easy Click system, the safety sides can be “clicked” onto pre-assembled brackets without the need for tools and can be removed again at any time. This makes it easy to assemble and clean the bed. If the bed extension is used, longer bars can also be simply clicked on.

Intelligent braking system

Convenient operation with the best possible protection

The construction of very low beds brings with it a number of technical challenges, which we have solved in close exchange with our partners in the nursing homes in a way that is suitable for everyday use. The brakes, for example: The Basano's internal, low castors ensure good manoeuvrability and do not become tripping hazards, but do not provide space for brake pedals. Instead, these are located within easy reach at the head and foot sections and allow the castors to be braked in pairs. The wide headboard brake pedal can be operated effortlessly even when the bed stands with the headboard directly against a wall.

Basano Bed

  ⟰ With the headboard against the wall, the head-end brake is long enough to be reached from the side of the bed.

Basano Bed

  ⟰The low, internal castors can be braked in pairs — here via the brake pedal at the foot end of the bed.

The Basano offers the best possible pinch protection when it is adjusted to its lowest position, and it does this without the need for a second handset or cumbersome key combinations to unlock the function. The bed simply stops before it reaches the ultra-low range and waits for the button to be pressed again. It then descends further at a very slow speed. An acoustic signal reminds carers to pull their feet or any objects out from under the bed.

Low-height bed close to floor level — Very low position of 15 cm protects fall-prone users

When people are cared for, the permanent risk of falling can become a heavy burden. There are many factors that may increase this risk — advanced dementia, lack of awareness of one’s own situation, or a strong urge to move with a marked tendency to wander.

Constant restraint through safety sides is unacceptable for people being cared for and may not always be legally permitted. However, carers are unable to monitor their residents around the clock. The floor-level standard of care offers a solution. This entails the person being cared for lying and sitting in as low a position as possible to avoid injury in the event of a fall. This still enables people to live out their urge to move. However, merely placing a mattress or soft mat on the floor is not helpful — the cared for person then has an even less secure footing on this soft ground, and the physical effort of care is also greatly increased. The Basano floorline bed solves this problem. With its ultra-low position of 15 cm, it protects people in bed without the need for liberty-depriving measures.

Strong advantages

  • Large height adjustment range of 15 to 80 cm
  • Automatic intermediate stops before reaching ultra-low and at the standing up and transfer height of approximately 38cm
  • Pinch protection at the lowest height through an acoustic signal and reduced-speed height adjustment
  • Having the 240 Volts isolated, away from the bed and only 24 Volts at the bed means a safer environment for resident and maintenance personal
  • All functions can be controlled with a handset
  • Mattress base dimensions 90 x 200 cm
  • Optional integrated 20-cm bed extension for tall people
  • High safe working load of 225 kg
  • Choice of full-length and combined safety side
  • Both safety sides with Easy Click system requiring no tools for fitting
  • Straightforward castor braking in pairs with easy-to-reach brake pedals
  • Ground clearance for the use of patient lifts
  • Homelike appearance thanks to attractive headboards and footboards and wood decors

Safety — Convenient operation with the best possible protection

The Basano offers the best possible pinch protection when it is adjusted to its lowest position, and it does this without the need for a second handset or cumbersome key combinations to unlock the function. The bed simply stops before it reaches the ultra-low range and waits for the button to be pressed again. It then descends further at a very slow speed. An acoustic signal reminds carers to pull their feet or any objects out from under the bed.


The Out-of-Bed system

For residents at high risk of falling, the optional out-of-bed system provides even more safety. It reports via the house call system if the patient leaves the bed and does not return after a preset interval between 15 seconds and 15 minutes. The out-of-bed handset (left in the picture) can also be used to activate a glare-free under bed light for better orientation at night. The under bed light and the reading lamp can be coupled with the out-of-bed system so that they switch on automatically when the resident leaves the bed.

Stiegelmeyer Basano hand control

Stiegelmeyer Basano acoustic

When the bed moves close to the floor during height adjustment, an acoustic signal sounds for optimum pinch protection.

Basano Bed

  ⟰ The optional under bed light can be switched on manually or activated automatically via the out-of-bed system. It offers the resident orientation at night and thus additionally reduces the risk of falling.

A unique safe 24 Volt DC Linak drive system is standard with the bed. Having the 240 volts isolated, away from the bed and only safe 24 Volts DC at the bed ensures a safer environment for residents and maintenance staff.

Energy-saving with low voltage


Energy saving
Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed

* Compared to 240-volt systems, assuming approx. 5 adjustments per day


The external transformer unit produces a safety extra-low voltage directly at the power socket.

The Basano floorline bed is supplied with extra-low voltage as standard. This is achieved with an external transformer that reduces the voltage directly at the power socket to 24-volts to ensure that there are no live 240 volt components near the resident. This not only increases safety, but also significantly helps to reduce energy costs and electromagnetic pollution, and to protect the environment.

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Accessories — Design your ideal bed

Leather Covers

⤊ Foam leather covers protect from knocking against the safety sides.

fabric softcovers

⤊ Fabric Softcovers in attractive colours — here, in vanilla — encase the safety side.


⤊ The practical tray for enjoyable mealtimes.

lifting pole and lamp

⤊ Reading lamps can be inserted into the sleeve or attached to the patient lifting pole.

Design your ideal bed

With original accessories from Stiegelmeyer, the Basano can be transformed to a bed that leaves nothing to be desired.

Optional Accessories

Already integrated is a pull-out extension of the bed frame by a length of 20 cm. To enable its use, an extension set with an additional mattress base section, plus longer safety side bars and infill pieces for the side panels, is available. An reading lamp and under bed light provide pleasant light and safe orientation at night. The foam leather cover protects restless users from knocking against the safety side. A practical tray for meals is simply placed on top of the safety side.

extension set

The optional extension set allows ideal use of the integrated bed extension.

In addition to Natural Beech decor, the Basano is also available in other attractive decors such as Lindberg Oak and Royal Maple. Safety sides can optionally be covered with fabric Softcovers in pleasing colours.
For maximum well-being, we recommend the comfort mattress base made of 50 free-floating spring elements.

More information on Stiegelmeyer Accessories email

External dimensions ⁄ height adjustment range:

Basano floorline bed dimensions

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