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Guldmann GHZ Liting Module

The GHZ is a room covering patient lift solution.

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GHZ Lifting Module

GHZ Liting Module

The GHZ is a room covering patient lift solution.

The lifting module runs inside the traverse rail which minimizes the installation height.

The elegant design blends in perfectly with the existing surroundings and the minimal built-in height delivers an attractive lifting span in rooms with low ceiling height.

GHZ is a very discreet, almost invisible solution which provides a safe and comfortable patient lift and an ergonomically safe working environment for the healthcare staff.

The sleek and simple design also makes it is easy to clean; particularly important within the healthcare sector.

Maximum lifting capacity: 255kg — The room covering patient lift solution.

GH1 F Ceiling Hoist
GH1 F Ceiling Hoist

GH1 F Ceiling Hoist

Discreet and elegant

  • Blends perfectly into the room and is almost invisible when not in use
  • Integrated two-sided cupboard available for storage of hanger

Guldmann Digital Scale

Watch a video showing use of GHZ.

Easy and efficient

  • Easy and economical installation
  • Easy to remove and re-install
  • Install directly on all kinds of walls
  • A fully charged lifting motor can perform more than 55 lifts of 85kg.
  • Flexible traverse rail: Automatically compensates for non-aligned (oblique) walls with up to 80mm
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 255kg
  • ARTG # 290685

GHZ Lifting Module

Specially designed storage cupboard with space for the lifting module, the lifting hanger and the liftng sling.

GHZ Lifting Module

Simple and flexible

  • Complete room coverage and effective transfers
  • Comfortable and smooth movement
  • Easy to operate
GHZ Lifting Module
GHZ Lifting Module

Improved lifting height

  • The GHZ lifting module runs inside the traverse rail. This minimizes the built-in dimensions and adds to the lifting height which is often a crucial factor in rooms with lower ceiling heights.
  • Compared with other ceiling hoists the GHZ offers even more valuable lifting height

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