Comfort and mattress bases — With the joie de vivre of a hotel room

  • Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed slatted base

    Stable and flexible: the metal slat mattress base.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed comfort base

    The comfort mattress base comprises 50 free-floating spring elements.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed hygiene base

    The breathable hygiene mattress base ensures a good microclimate.

Healthy and relaxing sleep

The Libra’s 4-section metal slat mattress base (standard) delivers an exceptional level of comfort and is both sturdy and flexible at the same time. The adjustable backrest and thigh rest section can be easily raised and lowered to provide the resident with the greatest comfort in every situation. The metal slats are extremely easy to clean and can be made even more comfortable and hygienic with our optional mattress base covers. The comfort mattress base (optional) comprises 50 individual spring elements. These elements are designed to mould themselves closely to the shape of the body and help to ventilate the mattress. Their oscillation also ensures that the pressure is optimally distributed. The comfort mattress base also significantly contributes to preventing pressure ulcers. Thanks to its deep venting slits, the polypropylene hygiene mattress base (optional) is also highly breathable. It is easy to remove and can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents.

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