MobilitySafety and Well-Being

The Libra Care Bed is manufactured by the Stiegelmeyer-Group (Germany), a world leading manufacturer of Aged Care beds (with over 100 years of experience).

Libra offers a maximum of choice and flexibility and can be customised to meet every need of its resident and care staff. It offers people in need of care protection and comfort while promoting their mobility.

Our innovative Vario Safe system plays an important part in this. With Vario Safe, you can remove and reinstall the split safety sides, the headboard and footboard and the side panels in a matter of seconds. This allows care staff, for example, to meet the changing safety needs of the resident in every situation.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Closeup

Split safety sides — They can assist getting in and out of bed.

With attractive wood decors or fabric upholstery, the Libra combines the comfort and elegance of a good hotel with the security of a home. Thanks to Vario Safe, this care bed can be adapted continually to suit every personal preference.

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