Always at the right heightFall prevention and ergonomic care

  • Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed low

    With its lowest position of approx. 25cm, the Libra bed supports efficient fall prevention without restricting the mobility of the resident.

    Libra is designed to give those in need of care a sense of security without impacting on their independence. One of the most effective ways to prevent falls without the use of liberty deprivation safeguards (DoLS) is to use a bed with a low height.

    For this reason, Libra can be lowered to a height of as little as approximately 25cm. The risk of injury from a fall from such a low height is extremely low.

    However, when it comes to care staff, beds really need to be significantly higher, at waist level, to prevent excessive strain on the back. This is why Libra beds can be raised to a height of approximately 80cm, which is the optimum height for working ergonomically.

    The height adjustment mechanism’s 3-stop function is designed to automatically stop the bed when it is about 38cm high, which is the perfect height for getting in and out of bed. Being infinitely variable, Libra’s height can be adjusted down to the nearest centimetre to meet every need.


    Infinitely adjustable
    • Effortless adjustment to the best ergonomic position for getting in and out of bed with the handset
    • Easier mobilisation of residents
    • Back-friendly working with the bed maintains the health of the nursing staff
    • Fall prevention without the use of deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS)

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed no damage sides

    The headboard and footboard can be removed effortlessly, which provides easier access to the resident, e.g. for foot care.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed no damage sides

    If an object blocks the height adjustment of the bed, the safety sides remain in position in order to prevent damage.

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed no damage sides

    With a height adjustment of up to 80 cm, the nursing staff can work with the bed without straining their back.

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