Bed extension — More room for tall residents

People have been growing taller on average for decades now – a development that must increasingly be taken into account in nursing homes. With Libra’s optional bed extension, you can provide the necessary space required for residents to enjoy a comfortable lying position. You can either configure the bed to be approx. 20 cm longer upon purchase, or retrofit it with the bed extension.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed extension

The element for bed extension is simply inserted in the bed frame.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed extend pieces

A custom-made mattress extension piece is available to extend the mattress.

The metal element that extends the bed frame is simply inserted at the foot end. Longer bars or panels are available for each type of safety side. If the bed is equipped with a split safety side using the Vario Safe system, each side of the bed can be fitted with either two 110 cm long elements or one 90 cm long safety side with a 130 cm panel. With Vario Safe, using bed extensions at home has become even more flexible and efficient — all the required elements can be exchanged between beds in a matter of moments.

To extend the mattress, Stiegelmeyer offers a suitable comfortable mattress extension piece.

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