Effortless operation — Handset for individual requirements

All of the Libra’s settings can be adjusted easily and intuitively when controlled with the Libra handset. The Libra handset is very light and has an ergonomic design. It is fitted with extra–large arrow buttons and easy–to–understand pictograms to ensure that it can be used even by those with limited abilities. Each different handset function can be individually locked. There is an optional handset to place the bed in the Trendelenburg position. This optional Trendelenburg handset is a safe way to prevent residents from accidentally activating this setting.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed hand settings

A custom-made mattress extension piece is available to extend the mattress.

Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed hand controls

To prevent the resident from setting the bed to the Trendelenburg position by mistake, a separate Trendelenburg handset is available (left). The standard handset (right) does not include the Trendelenburg function.

Stiegelmeyer Libra hand control holder

Thanks to the holder on the split safety side, the handset is always within reach.

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