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4H Mobile Shower Trolleys

Bed Baths for bathing dependent people.

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4H400E Mobile Shower Trolley

4H400E Drain Hose
Large screw–in 50mm diameter flexible waste hose

4H400E Hand Control
Hand Control

4H400E Mobile Shower Trolleys

4H400E Hand Control
Battery and Charger

4H400E Locking Castor 4H400E Direction Castor

Total Lock & Direction Lock Castors

  • Padded Vinyl Mattress with waterproof pillow
  • Liner can be secured in the corners to facilitate in bath
  • Ergonomic push handle
  • Corner buffer discs
  • Electric tilt 8° degrees
  • Stainless steel & P.V.C. Top
  • Drop side rails for side transfer
  • Large screw–in flexible waste hose; 50mm inside diameter, 62mm outside diameter, expanded length 1250mm.
  • Lightweight swing under side rails
  • Electric high–low operation 600–1000mm
  • Electric Trendelenburg ⁄ tilt
  • Handset hook
  • Plug–in rechargeable battery pack
  • Curved base construction to allow access for carers
  • Epoxy powder coated frame
  • 3 x Total Lock, 1 x Direction Lock, 125mm diameter castors
  • ARTG number 229005
4H400 Shower Trolley 4H400 Shower Trolley 4H400 Shower Trolley 4H400 Shower Trolley
Capacity 150kg
Length – overall 1890mm
Width – overall 730mm
High Low Range (to top of mattress) 600 to 1000mm
Time to raise trolley from low height to maximum height 25 sec
Under Base Clearance 160mm
Maximum Tub Depth 200mm
Tub Length (Internal) 1850mm
Tub Width (Internal) 700mm
Tilt ⁄ Drain 8° degrees
Trolley Weight 74kg
Castors 3 x Total Lock, 1 x Direction Lock, 125mm diameter castors
Wall Protection Corner buffer discs
4H400E Standard Trolley
4H400EL Long Trolley (Overall Length 2000mm)
4H400ES Lavare Trolley (Overall: 1500mm L x 700mm W)
4H400EW Wide Trolley (Overall Width 900mm)
4H400EWL Wide Trolley (Overall 2000mm L x 900mm W)

Increase SWL from 150kg to 180kg

4H400SL Shower Trolley Liner (Mattress)
4H400P Shower Trolley Pillow
4H400H Shower Trolley Hose Kit

Click here for 4H400E Brochure pdf

Click here for 4H400ES Brochure pdf

Click here for the Maintenance Manual pdf

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