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Wire Basket Storage

For storage, static, mobile and compact.

Wire Basket Systems

An easy and economical way to solve a variety of storage, supply management and inventory control issues with Static and Mobile Wire Shelving Systems.
Available in shelving, baskets, carts or high density in-line systems this range will maximise your floor space usage and improve your inventory supply flow.

Basket Series SB Sliding Baskets NC

Sliding baskets can be configured to suit the Basket Trolleys or as storage devices to simply sit on the shelves.
They are available in 2 different sizes in 2 different depths.
basket basket basket
SB1220 610/200 Sliding Basket
1060 x 525 x 200mm deep
SD 556/200 Divider 200mm deep
SB460 610/200 Sliding Basket
300 x 525 x 200mm deep
SD 338/200 Divider 200mm deep
SB610 460/200 Sliding Basket
460 x 380 x 200mm deep
SD480 610/200 Divider 200mm deep
basket basket basket
SB1220 - 610/200 Sliding Basket
1060 x 525 x 100mm deep
SB460 - 610/100 Sliding Basket
300 x 525 x 100mm deep
SB460 100 Long Divider
SB460 100 Short Divider
SB 610 - 400/100 Sliding Basket
460 x 380 x 100mm deep
SB480 610/100 Long Divider
SB406 610/100 Short Divider

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Basket Series WB Wall Panels NC

Wall Panel Baskets where wall panel can be fitted to a wall or to a Trolley. Baskets fit perfectly to the Wall Panel Hook.
Baskets can be fitted to either a Wall Mounted Grid, or to the end of Wire Shelves.
Mesh size 10mm x 10mm (Actual size) — 8mm is the space betwen the wires
basket basket basket

WB122 Basket
415 x 255 x 160mm deep
D120 Divider 170mm deep
WB242 Basket
415 X 365 X 200mm deep
D240 Divider 200mm deep

WB132 Basket
105 x 190 x 85mm deep
WB134 Basket
105 x 125 x 85mm deep

Basket Series Wall Hanging Systems NC

Wall Hanging System Wall Hanging System
This method of storage for the Rapini Wall Basket system introduces a wire retaining system fully compatible for our range of close mesh baskets. This unique system addresses infection prevention issues with the capability of cleaning and dusting behind the wall panel system. This system is modular, size 460mm (high) x 460mm (wide) and can be attached to the wall side by side or above each other. Manufactured from nickel chrome plated wire this system is durable and easy to install.

WP460460CW Wire Wall Panel 8mm mesh Chrome plated 460mm x 460mm
The traditional louvered wall panels are available and are manufactured from powder coated steel.

Two sizes are available,
WP460M Louvre Wall Panel Powder coated 460mm x 460mm and
WP900M Louvre Wall Panel Powder coated 900mm x 460mm.