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Burmeier Westfalia Care Bed

An elegant 4 Section electric nursing home bed.

Burmeier Westfalia Care 4 Section Electric Nursing Home Bed

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Westfalia Care Bed
Westfalia Care Bed, with SSG swiveling side rails.

Westfalia Care Bed, with wooden surround and DSG comtinuous side rails.


The timeless, innovative design underlies Burmeier’s quality philosophy; this bed looks very attractive and offers uncompromisingly high quality and durability.

Mattress Height Adjustment – 260mm to 890mm

The innovative scissor action adjustment range of 630mm allows the nursing bed to be used as either a low-entry bed or as a standard nursing bed. The Westfalia Care Bed scissor action is very stable due to the brass on chrome slides allowing a tight fit without jerking movement when raising and lowering.

The highest mattress position of 890mm allows nursing staff to work comfortably without stressing their backs.

Having beds according to type of use is no longer necessary. One bed for all cases.

Westfalia Care The Versatile Care Bed

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Burmeier Westfalia Care Bed Specifications
Capacity: 225kg
Overall Length: approx. 2120mm
Overall Width: approx. 1030mm
High / Low: 260 to 890 mm, range = 630 mm
Mattress Base Size: 900mm x 2000mm
Extended Mattress Base Size: 900mm x 2200mm
Castors: Covered 50mm Twin wheel Tente castors can be centrally locked regardless of the mattress position.
Lift Operation: 24 Volt (switch mode) Fully Electric
Backrest: 0° - 70°
Knee break: 0° - 35°
Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rails, one or both sides
SSG – Swiveling Side Rails, one or both sides
KSG – Combined Side Rails, one or both sides
Finish: Frame - Polyester Powder Coated
Wooden surround with integrated side frames.
Working timber areas melamine covered—0.6mm.
ARTG number: 208844

Burmeier Westfalia Care Bed Codes
EV94B1WC Deluxe Care Bed Westfalia-Care 4 section — Beech
EV94B1WOTP Optional Primero head and foot boards

Safe 24 Volt DC Drive System as standard

Having the 240 Volts isolated, away from the bed and only safe 24 Volt DC at the bed means a safer environment for resident and maintenance personal. The switch mode of this system means that unlike other electric beds there is no current flowing through the bed control box and motors until a hand control button is pressed - a substantial saving from not being on standby.

With this system too, the maintenance intervals can be increased to 2 years.
Leakage current at the nursing bed need now only be measured every 10 years.
Residents are optimally protected, as all live 240 Volt components are outside the bed.

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Westfalia Care Bed with KSG Side Rails and optional Primero Head & Foot Boards.

With the KSG Combined Side Rail, the middle post serves as a secure mobilisation aid. The extremely stable middle post gives the patient a firm hold to pull themselves up. Even when raised only on one side of the bed at the head end, the side guards fulfil the requirements for adequate safety in accordance with the current EN 60601–2–38⁄A 1 standard.

Mattress Codes

EV9721Mid Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 150,
EV9722Frail Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 150,
EV9723Maxi Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 180,
EV9724Mid Pressure Care Mattress 2200 x 900 x 180 (extended base),
EV9725Frail Pressure Care Mattress 2200 x 900 x 180 (extended base),
EV9726Maxi Pressure Care Mattress 2200 x 900 x 180 (extended base)

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  • Westfalia Care Bed Features;

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  • Mattress surface 900mm x 2000mm, 4-part, with easy to clean, robust steel slats, metal colour “Titanium”.
  • Adjustable Gliding Back Support and Upper Leg Rest.
  • Covered castors can be centrally locked regardless of the mattress position.
  • Mattress surface with gliding back support reduces compression of the stomach.
  • Wooden surround in beech finish with working timber areas melamine covered.
  • Foot section with integrated bed extension (200mm).
    Note: As extended side boards and side rails would be required, the bed would be ordered as an extended version.
  • Wooden surround with integrated side frames.
  • Linak drive system with 24 Volt power saving technology, live 240 Volt components are outside the bed.
  • Selectively locking handset with auto-contour and locking of individual functions.
  • Safe working load: 225kg.

Bed end styles & timber colours

The Cherusker Bedside Locker with Overbed Table with the separated rails on the Westfalia Care Bed.

Head and Foot Boards

different wooden surrounds available
“Standard” without round bars
“Comodo” with lateral round bars
“Primero” with grip rail

SSG Side Rail
With the SSG Swiveling Side Rails.

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