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Stiegelmeyer Lumano Bedside Cabinet

Stable and top-quality.

Lumano Bedside Cabinet

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Stiegelmeyer Lumano Bedside Cabinet

Stiegelmeyer Lumano Bedside Cabinet Shelf

EV94S5LO, Lumano Bedside Cabinet

Views of the Stiegelmeyer Lumano Bedside Cabinet
Lumano Bedside Cabinet

Lumano Bedside Cabinet
Lumano Bedside Cabinet dimensions

Lumano Bedside Cabinet decors

There is a special selection of colours and patterns available to choose from to allow you to personalise the design of a bedside cabinet to suit your taste and adapt it to fit in with existing furnishings.

The Lumano bedside cabinet’s shape and fixtures make it a particularly high-quality product.

  • The Lumano enhances comfort in the daily care routine with its particularly large useful surfaces.
  • It has an integrated slide out table under the bedside table which almost doubles the available space.
  • The drawers run on roller liners and are therefore particularly smooth-running and quiet.
  • The roller-guided drawers open and close easily and quietly.
  • The open-sided drawer at the bottom of the cabinet provides plenty of storage space with easy accessibility.
  • A simple release mechanism allows the drawers to be easily removed for thorough cleaning.
  • The unit comes on four double castors with the front two castors non-swivel to ensure user safety. This enhances the stability of the bedside cabinet when used for support.
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Lumano Bedside Cabinet
  • Drawer Lock
  • Two Drawer
  • Bedside cabinet with door
  • Multifunctional rail including reading lamp holder
  • Document holder (only with multifunction rail)
  • Waste bin with lid (only with multifunction rail)
  • Railing
  • Bottle ⁄ Glass Holder (only with Railing)
  • Hook, Towel Holder (only with Railing)
  • Locking Castors
  • Bottle Holder
  • Drawer pullout with bottle holder in the bottom drawer
  • Soft Close
  • Plastic Drawer Insert
  • Crutch Holder
Drawer Lock Document Holder Waste Bin with Lid Railing Glass Holder Crutch Holder
Drawer Lock Document Holder Waste Bin with Lid Railing, with Towel Holder Railing, with Glass Holder Crutch Holder

Cabinet Height: 790mm
Cabinet Width: 490mm
Cabinet Overall Depth: 500mm
Cabinet Top: 490 x 500mm
Castor diameter: 50mm

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