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AIRMAX Mattress

Provides highly efective and reliable pressure reduction.

AIRMAX Static Pressure Reducing Mattress

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AIRMAX Static Pressure Reducing Mattress

Combining the benefits from both powered and non–powered antidecubitus mattress systems, Air Max provides highly effective and reliable pressure reduction while remaining quiet, comfortable, and safe.

With specially designed air cells and foam, AIRMAX automatically creates a dynamic surface that is custom adjusted for every patient, and will re–adjust and re–inflate to offer optimal pressure reduction when the patient is moved or repositioned.

Airmax Diagram

Schematic representation of the AirMax operation.

Airmax Pressure Map


Standard Pressure Map

Standard Mattress

  • The unique air control and release valve allows the mattress to slowly and evenly distribute patient’s weight, and avoid patient disorientation and discomfort.
  • The mattress is also equipped with heel protection air cells that deliver continuous pressure reduction, and prevents heel pressure ulcers.
  • AIRMAX does not require power consumption, therefore it can even be used in cases of power outage, and patient transfer.
  • No extra costs that are associated with the use of powered systems.
  • It is an ideal anti–decubitus mattress that provides excellent pressure reduction along with maximum patient comfort.
  • Can be used with standard hospital bed frames.
  • Cover is waterproof but vapor permeable, anti–bacterial and anti–fungal, coated for low shear forces to prevent patient skin damage.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Optional air pump if request.

Airmax Cells Airmax Handles

Eight specially designed air cells (127mm high) and foam top and bottom automatically creates a dynamic surface.

A buckle fastens a strap to the bed frame to prevent the mattress slippage and handles provide easy grip when transporting.

Airmax Foam Airmax Hell Support

Elastic foam on top and bottom offers a comfortable environment.

Sloping design at heel area gives continuous pressure reduction, to prevent heel pressure ulcers.

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Product Specifications

Model code Dimensions (LxWxHmm) Material SWL
NPF–AM 2000 x 900 x 222
(H–Head area) ⁄ 145mm (H–foot area)
Mattress Cell: 100% nylon with TPU lamination
Coverlet: 100% nylon with PU backing
2000 x 1070 x 222
(H–Head area) ⁄ 145mm (H–foot area)
Mattress Cell: 100% nylon with TPU lamination
Coverlet: 100% nylon with PU backing

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