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Rehab Therapy Staircases

Rehab Therapy Staircases (Exercise Steps) offer a wide range of treatment options.

Rehab Therapy Staircases (Exercise Steps)

NOTE: overall dimensions, step rise and platform size can be changed to suit your facility requirements and patient needs.

Side view of 4H730 Rehab Therapy Stairs

4H730 Side View

Rehab Therapy Staircases

4H731 Rear View

Using stairs uses different muscles than walking on the flat and needs to be specially exercised. Rehab therapy staircases can help assist muscle training for those who are regaining movement in their legs.

Rehab Therapy Stairs offer a great range of treatment options so stair climbing is an essential part of many physical therapy and rehab programs. Rehab Therapy Stairs require patients to use significant muscle and joint exertion. When combined with other physical therapy activities, stair climbing can help to strengthen muscles to improve balance and coordination.


  • Secure large diameter handrail with lower safety rail
  • Robust powder coated internal frame work
  • Aluminium ⁄ plastic composite side panels
  • Non slip studded vinyl treads
  • Aluminium extruded step nosing with PVC non slip high visual insert
  • Large stable platform fitted with non slip studded vinyl (black or blue colour available)
  • Safe Working Load: 350kg

Click here for a 4H730 Brochure pdf

Click here for a 4H731 Brochure pdf

Specifications 4H730
Dimensions 2400mm L x 700mm W x 1575mm H
Step Rise 4 steps with 160mm rise
3 steps with 210mm rise
Specifications 4H731
Dimensions 1675mm L x 1220mm W x 1395mm H
Step Rise First 2 steps with 150mm rise
and last step 200mm rise

email Click here to enquire about the 4H730 Exercise Steps, Rehab Therapy Stairs.

email Click here to enquire about the 4H731 Exercise Steps, Rehab Therapy Stairs.

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