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Overbed and Overchair Tables

Designed to assist with meals, reading, etc. when confirmed to bed or chair.

Presentation: View innovative new designs for bedroom lockers and cabinets incorporating overbed tables now coming out of Europe. These products are enhancing and improving the lives of people, both the patients and nurses/carers. pdf

Premium Hospital Overbed Table

mouseover to raise table

Premium Overbed Table
Premium Overbed Table

Special Points:
1. It is a one handed operation that allows the top to be lifted without releasing the lever’s grip so it cannot hit a person in the face as against the other spring loaded versions which must be held by one hand as they are released by the other hand to ensure they do not lift suddenly – dangerous.

2. If the bed is raised while the table is over the bed, the table top will automatically rise with the bed, whereas the fixed table versions may be tipped over and anything on the table will fall – damage and dangerous.

3. Releasing the lever’s grip will have no affect on raising or lowering the top until the person doing so either lifts or depresses the top whereas the fixed versions have the tendency to lift, on some models with great force due to the internal spring – dangerous.

4. While the top can be lifted without releasing the lever’s grip, the top cannot be depressed without releasing the lever’s grip. It is fixed in the downward direction until the lever’s grip is released.

  • The wide table tops are 765 x 385 x 13mm and reach well over the bed
  • The tops are Australian made using 13mm compact laminate.
  • Compact laminate has dimensional self supportive strength
  • Compact laminate is resistant to moisture, humidity, scratch, boiling water, impact, dry heat etc
  • 50mm twin wheel castors for good manoeuvrability, 2 x swivel, 2 locking.
  • Clearance to the top of the base frame is 90mm, for use under low beds.
  • Spring loaded height adjustment with lever action.
  • Single handed height adjustment with lever lock mechanism.
  • Painted base, chrome column and compact laminate.
  • Tables can be shipped flat packed — See User Manual for easy assembly.
  • ARTG No: 229804

An Evocare Overbed Table’s construction allows for easy cleaning.

Testing the weight bearing ability of the
Evocare Premium Overbed Table

Premium Model Code
EV5202CP Compact Laminate — Parchment — 13mm,
Base Frame Cream
EV5203CP Compact Laminate — Parchment — 13mm,
Base Frame Grey
All colours available with EV5202 (Cream) or EV5203 (Grey) Base Frame

Some available Top Colours

Pillarbox Red Top

Olympia Blue Top

Alfresco Sawn
Lumber Top

Click for the full range of top colours

Table Top Dimensions: 765mm x 385mm x 13mm
High / Low Adjustment: 715mm to 1145mm
Floor to top of base: 90mm
Safe Working Load (SWL): 10kg
Overbed Table Weight (net): 3kg
Overbed Table Weight (gross): 4kg

Assembling the
Evocare Premium Overbed Table

Table Side
One piece Compact Laminate board top, 13mm

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