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Elvido Vervo Bed

Stiegelmeyer’s stylish bed with Exceptional Height Range.

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo 4 Section Electric Bed

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Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo Bed

Elvido Vervo Bed

Stiegelmeyer Elvido Vervo Bed

High Low Split Elvido Vervo Bed

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Squaring the circle:

We are pleased Stiegelmeyer have developed a perfect technical solution to address the challenge in care with their new Elvido Vervo. Your carers can not only raise the new Elvido Vervo to 80cm in height, but also set it down to just 25cm, which is ideal for residents. This is an innovation that puts paid to the conflict of interests between ergonomic height for care and low height to protect residents from falling – a solution that will make everyone happy.

Fast Adjustment

Height adjustment is very fast thanks to the powerful actuator motors; equipped with jamming protection even with the bed extended. Automatic height compensation ensures absolute horizontal and vertical movement in the bed.


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A care bed can’t be low enough for your residents – the lower, the better. Apart from the lower risk of falls, the possible injuries will be far less severe if a fall should occur. The lower lying surface also will also make it easier for many of your residents to climb in and out of the bed, as they have less of a height threshold to deal with. Plus: Lower beds also create a more comfy, homelike atmosphere.

THE HIGH SETTING is ergonomic and gentle on the back.

A bed cannot be high enough for carers; a high bed makes work easier and takes stress off the back, as you avoid bending over to work. Elvido Vervo can be raised securely and safely to a stable 80cm patient surface height.

The OpenBus has arrived – STANDARD.

This care bed has come into the digital future: OpenBus enables networking and control for a variety of systems. The future will see large numbers of sensors intelligently collecting information and transferring it straight to the carers, using wireless or mobile communications networks. The future is digital – and there are hardly any limits to the possibilities; Stiegelmeyer beds are ready for the first digitalised components.

IR Remote Control

Where there’s no cable, there’s no cable snagging or kinking. IR remote control is safer and more convenient, eliminating the risk of tripping that you would find in cabled remote controls.

Reading Lamp

The reading lamp* is easily connected to the integrated lamp connectors* – with power and control direct from the OpenBus system, eliminating the need for a transformer and putting paid to tangles of cables. Plus: You save a power outlet.

Under bed lighting

Under–bed lighting* helps you find your way at night, preventing falls. The light is kept to an unobtrusive level so as not to disturb your residents.


Elvido Vervo Bed Specifications
Safe Weight Bearing Capacity: 225kg
Maximum Lift: 250kg
Outer Dimensions: ca. 998 x 2,120mm
(depending on head & foot boards)
Lying Surface: 900 x 2000mm or 1,000 x 2,000mm
(mattress area)
Lying Surface Divisions: approx. 850 ⁄ 150 ⁄ 400 ⁄ 600mm
(back ⁄ seat ⁄ upper leg ⁄ lower leg)
Gliding Backrest: 100mm length compensation of the
back rest means the patient can sit
up in a relaxed position.
Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one side or both
VSG – Movable Side Rail, one side or both
KSG – Combined Side Rail, one side or both
Accessibility (under): approx. 150mm
Total Weight: approx. 140kg
Adjustment Options
Foot down angle: approx. 14°
Mattress base height (standard surface): approx. 250 to 800mm
Height adjustment: approx. 35sec (motorised)
Back rest setting: up to approx. 70°
Upper leg setting: up to approx. 40°
Straight leg upward tilt: up to approx. 10°

Elvido Vervo Bed Codes
EV94S1VO Elvido Vervo Care Bed 90 x 200 (Beech)
Optional Accessories
EV94S8IRH Infra Red Handset for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8IRR Infra Red Receiver for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8OBS Open Bus System Package for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8UBL Under Bed Lighting for Elvido Vervo Bed
EV94S8PL Lifting Pole (not including Handle)
EV94S8PLT Handle for Lifting Pole
Pressure Care Mattress Codes
EV9S21 Mid – 200 x 90 x 15cm
EV9S22 Frail – 200 x 90 x 15cm
EV9S23 Maxi – 200 x 90 x 18cm
EV9S31 Mid – 200 x 100 x 15cm
EV9S32 Frail – 200 x 100 x 15cm
EV9S33 Maxi – 200 x 100 x 18cm
ARTG 277175

The VSG Movable Side Rail has the versatile central support which fulfils all necessary requirements whilst allowing for greater flexibility. Slide to required position and lock.

24V connection

ROLLING in safety.
The convenient 2x2 central brake stops and releases the front and rear castors individually. Four twin castors (50mm x 40mm wide) on ball bearings swivel freely, enabling movement in any direction from standstill – and in any lying surface position.

24V connection 24V Transformer Optional Battery

Our safe 24 Volt DC system* is an innovation that will give you a host of BENEFITS.
For residents or patients and their carers, and even your chief accountant.

Reduced power costs from reduced standby power consumption: just half a watt on standby.
– Even more safety for residents: no 240V mains cable to the bed.
No electric smog from 240V to the bed.

Bed Rails

The standard, full-length safety sides at a height of 41cm guard against falls on both sides of the bed.

To safeguard the liberty and mobility of people needing care, the Elvido beds can also be equipped with split safety sides (KSG). If just the head portion of the safety sides is adjusted, the residents are reliably protected, but still can leave the bed without obstacles (large image left). The centre support of the split safety sides also serves as a practical mobilisation aid for the resident. When not required, it can be simply removed and stored in a holder under the bed. It is also possible to combine the split safety side on one side with a full-length safety side on the other side of the bed. There are two other options for more independent residents: A head-end safety side which leaves the foot end of the bed basically free.

Side Rails:
   DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one side or both
   VSG – Movable Side Rail, one side or both
   KSG – Combined Side Rail, one side or both

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KSG Side Rail
KSG Side Rail

Arminius Bedside Locker, Elvido Bed with KSG Side Rails, LCD hand control, Alero headboard and footboard.

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Arminius Locker, Elvido bed with KSG Rails, LCD hand control, Alero headboard and footboard


Nine different main designs are available for the Elvido Vervo bed series. High–quality Elvido boards feature compelling design and individual curves. The head and foot boards can be combined in any way to requirement.


Modelled on colours and styles you would find at home, we have put together a wide variety of especially hard–wearing design finishes for the varied requirements of different interior home designs. The elements in solid wood have been varnished to match the finishes. Naturally, we would be happy to help you choose the right design.

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Stiegelmeyer decorative panels

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Stiegelmeyer decorative panels

Elvido Vervo Bed Positions
Bed Positions

Elvido Vervo Bed Dimensions
Bed Dimensions

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