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Deluxe V2 Chair ⁄ Bed

Using low–pressure air–filled bags to evenly distribute the user's weight.

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Air Comfort Deluxe V2 Chair Bed in Carrflex Extreme fabric

Air Comfort Deluxe V2 Chair Bed Reclined

Air Comfort Deluxe V2 Chair  Bed Pressure Map

Air Comfort Deluxe Chair ⁄ Bed

The patented Air Comfort seating system was designed and developed to aid in the treatment and prevention of pressure problems related to long–term seating.

Using four low–pressure air–filled bags, Air Comfort products evenly distribute the occupant’s weight from head to toe, ensuring that there are no main pressure points that can restrict circulation. In extreme cases, unrelieved pressure points can result in patients suffering from bedsores (decubitus ulcers).

  • Utilises the unique Air Comfort Seating System
  • Is a complete workstation for the nursing of dependant patients
  • Offers proven pressure relief (See XSENSOR mapping results below).
  • Covered in Carrflex Extreme multi-stretch material with Sanitized treatment and enhanced durability.
  • Total surface air pressure system
  • No gaps in seating surface
  • Adjustable seat (Infinite locking)
  • Adjustable back (infinite locking)
  • Adjustable wings and drop–down arms (multiple positions) – Improved patient access
  • Adjustable leg rest (infinite locking)
  • Detachable ⁄ Adjustable head rest – for different height patients
  • 125mm Twin wheel Tente castors (three total lock and one directional lock) offer safe handling and manoeuvrability.
  • Access Vehicles Approved (Australian Standards) for transport in Access Vehicles
  • Stylish full metal frame – durable and easy to maintain
  • Replaceable parts and upholstery cover for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • ARTG number 209869

  • Proven pressure relief for long–term seating
  • Varied seating and sleeping positions
  • Easy for nurses to operate and manoeuvre
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
  • Meal Tray – Small AO59036
      – Large AO59035
      – Maxi AO59007
  • Incontinence Cover   AO59013
  • Seat Belt   AO59014
  • Footrest – Standard AO59055
      – Maxi AO59053
  • Electrically Powered Models AC59112 Standard
    AC59116 Medium
  • Alternating Pressure Care Overlay AC59441
    The AC59441 Standard Deluxe V2 with Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay is designed for multi-user situations found in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Air Comfort and Carilex combine to deliver the next generation of mobile pressure care solutions. The Air Comfort Deluxe V2 is fitted with the CariChair Alternating Cushion System, combining the superior functionality and mobility of the Air Comfort Chairs together with advanced active pressure care. Suitable patients requiring active pressure care no longer need be confined to bed.

    • Carilex CariChair Alternating Overlay.
    • Rechargeable Battery – Up to 8 Hours of battery operation with Battery Level LED.
    • 5 Adjustable Comfort settings to suit different patients.
    • Intelligent Pressure Sensing Technology (I.P.S) that automatically adjusts cushion pressure to respond to patient movements.
    • Multiple Cycle times – 10, 15 & 20 mins and Static Mode.
    • Panel lock – Tamper protection and auto-lock function after 3 mins.
    • Low Pressure Indicator – Visual and Audible.
    Alternating Pressure Care Overlay
  • Lustrell Upholstery Small AC59214
      Medium AC59216
      Standard AC59211
      Maxi AC59215
    Choose from a wide range of alternative colour options.
    Available on all models of the Day Chair range.

    Lustrell Upholstery Fabric Colours
    Chair Fabric Colour Parchment Chair Fabric Colour Lemon Chair Fabric Colour Scarlet Chair Fabric Colour Kiwi
    Parchment Lemon Scarlet Kiwi
  • With the Optional AO59041 Forward Tilt Fitted
    – Of great assistance for hoist access
    – Enables Chair to both recline and tilt
    – An excellent addition to chair function
    Forward Tilt Option Fitted
    How to Fit Guide for Optional Forward Tilt Kit pdf
Codes & Dimensions:
Air Comfort Electric Powered Deluxe V2 Chair ⁄ Bed
Code Size Overall Internal Seat Recommended Patient Height Chair Weight SWL
AC59114 Small L: 1000mm
W: 670mm
H: 1130mm
W: 430mm
D: 400mm
H: 550mm (from Floor)
Up to 1420mm
(4ft 8")
40kg (approx.) 180kg
AC59116 Medium L: 1100mm
W: 670mm
H: 1130mm
W: 430mm
D: 470mm
H: 550mm (from Floor)
1420 – 1620mm
(4ft 8" to 5ft 4")
40kg (approx.) 180kg
AC59111 Standard L: 1130mm
W: 680mm
H: 1260mm
W: 470mm
D: 550mm
H: 570mm (from Floor)
1620 – 1880mm
(5ft 4" to 6ft 2")
45kg (approx.) 180kg
AC59115 Bariatric L: 1360mm
W: 950mm
H: 1385mm
W: 720mm
D: 550mm
H: 640mm (from Floor)
1620 – 1880mm
(5ft 4" to 6ft 2")
100kg (approx.) 300kg

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