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Contego Floorline Flexbed

Provides a solution to many of the problems facing modern care settings.

Contego Floorline Flexbed 4 Section Electric Bed

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Contego Floorline Flexbed
Contego Floorline Flexbed

Contego Floorline Flexbed with contour sides raised


Hand Control

Easy to use, custom design, functional Linak Hand Control with hanging positions on the bed

Contego’s innovative design provides solutions to many of the problems facing modern care settings. Contego’s Flexbed design provides a safe and secure environment for patients without impacting their physiological wellbeing which can be associated with more conventional patient retention methods.

Innovative Mattress Platform

An adjustable concave mattress platform can be activated to raise the sides of the mattress. The concave effect in most cases, provides a solution to issues commonly associated with the use of side rails.

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Contego Floorline Flexbed Specifications
Capacity: 225kg
Length (Overall): approx. 2250mm
Width (Overall): approx. 920mm
(King) approx. 1070mm
High ⁄ Low: 110mm to 710mm, range = 600mm
Mattress Platform Size: 1950mm x 880mm
(King) 1950mm x 1030mm
Trendelenberg 15°
Castors: 100mm Total Lock castors
Lift Operation: Linak Fully Electric
Backrest: 0° – 70°
Knee break: 0° – 38°
Calf Support: 0° – 13°
Total Weight: 96kg
ARTG number: 208207

Contego Floorline Flexbed Codes
4H300 Contego Floorline Flexbed
4H300–4H300KSE King Single Contego Floorline Flexbed
4H300SR Optional Side Rails (pair)
4H300WB Optional Wall Buffer
4H300BE Optional Bed Extension
(increases bed length by 250mm –
must be factory fitted)
4H300B Optional Bed Bolster
(extendes mattress)

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Helping Prevent Injury

When fully concave the mattress cradles the resident, discourages the patient from leaving bed, helping prevent injury and gently moves the patient away from the edge of the bed. When concave the mattress edge fills in the space between the bottom of the side rail and the mattress surface, helping to prevent bodily injury when patients or part of the body are caught between rail and mattress.

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EV9714Mid Pressure Care Mattress; Dimensions 1930mm x 900mm x 150mm
Covered in Carrflex Tasman Green, 3 sided zip (sewn seam) with waterfall flap.

4H300M – Single Mattress 1920mm x 880mm x 150mm

4H320MKing Single Mattress 1920mm x 1030mm x 150mm

Horizontal – Used when retention is not required or for general use.

Half Concave – One side can be lowered when used up against a wall or fixed barrier.

Full Concave – Used for patient retention. Can be adjusted infinitely up to 120mm.

75° Backrest

30° ± Kneebreak

Low 100mm High 710mm

15° Trendelenburg

  • Contego Floorline Flexbed Features:

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  • Unique Flexbed mattress platform
  • Slimline design reduces the overall length of the bed while maintaining recognised total mattress area.
  • Most alternating air mattress control units fit securely on the slimeline end frames.
  • Integrated cable management to suit all alternating air mattress systems
  • Trendelenburg ⁄ reverse Trendelenburg to 15°
  • Horizontal auto levelling from Trendelenburg positions.
  • Removable head and footboards
  • Cardiac chair positioning
  • Bariatric capacity
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Can be converted from the concave mattress platform to a standard 4 section bed with siderails.
  • Contego Bed Stored

    In optional storage frame

  • Can be dismantled into 6 lightweight easily transportable sections allowing single person assembly; the heaviest parts are the head and foot sections (18kg each): These are on castors. The bed has been designed this way for access to nursing homes and apartments with smaller lifts.
  • The 4H300M mattress comes vacuum formed in a bag with dimensions approximately 350mm Diameter x 1m long.
  • Electrics 3 years warranty – Frame 10 years warranty
  • Safe working load: 225kg.
  • Options:

  • Bed extensions for standard and king size beds (4H300BE, increases bed length by 250mm).
  • Wall buffer

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